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Listen: Tabrill – Revision EP


Listen: Tabrill – Revision EP

Revision is the next EP to come from a Brisbane newcomer known as Tabrill. Featuring four outstanding tracks, Revision EP is a clear demonstration of Zach Alvos’ growth as a producer and a true testament to the quality of music he is creating.

Vocalist/guitarist Dominic Buckland lends his voice to the EP’s first single “Cold Pill” while its follow up, “Moving On,” sees fellow Brisbane beat-maker Feki complementing the track with his unique influence and impressive production techniques.

In 2012 Zach Alvos made the move from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane, which is where he began to focus more time on his production and compositions, experimenting with many varying styles of electronic music before settling into his current future-beat sound.

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Newest Love: Talisco


“Your Wish” opens with a hypnotic guitar loop, and is found on Talisco’s 2014 EP My Home (Spotify). On the EP, Talisco seamlessly weaves mesmerizing mid-tempos, before letting the chords, beats and the vocals explode when the city lights finally prevail. Talisco’s music brings together elements of Americana with nuances of subtle, electro-folk. Armed with a Fender Telecaster, vintage reverb and his angelic voice, the Parisian artists’ music is an amalgam of his experiences, illustrating the unavoidable urge to get away.

“Your Wish” is also the first song featured in a worldwide ad for Google Cast that went live this week, marking the first time Talisco’s music has crossed the ocean for US listeners!

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Check ‘Em Out: Shura


Check out Shura, she’s brand new — but she’s got a lot going on this year and will soon be on your radar anyways. She’ll be at SXSW, and she’ll be touring — all while getting her debut album out this fall. She’s also a BBC Sound of 2015 nominee in the UK. Check out “Touch” and “Indecision” below.


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Newest Love: Surf Rock is Dead – “Equinox”

With ambient drum beats and wistful vocals, Brooklyn-duo Surf Rock is Dead (SRiD) arrive with a collection of blissful tunes that hit you like a bittersweet wave of nostalgia, kind of like that last hangover of the summer. Screaming with all the spit and grit of their new found east coast home, combined with laid back California-vibes, the washed out duo are gearing up to release their forthcoming EP, starting with their effervescent debut single, “Equinox.”
Inspired by the seemingly mundane- like skating or zoning out in the shower, and the not so mundane, like Tony Hawk’s haircut in the 80s – the duo’s music is a gorgeous dichotomy. It’s equal parts slacker rock and urgently upbeat pop that adds colour to everyday moments with their heavy hooks and euphoric melodies. ​

Listen: Surf Rock is Dead – “Equinox”

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Newest Love: Max & The Electric


After endless discussions throughout 2013 and 2014 between duo James Stefanuto and Tom O’Reilly over whether Rick James or Neil Young would be better member of The Beach Boys – Max and The Electric was born.

Recorded and produced by Sam Ford (Abbe May, The Silents) at Tone City Studio in hometown Perth, the upcoming EP Lecteur Éponyme is a tribute to pop music, love songs, and the humble melody.

A beat-driven dancefloor-filling feast with a Moloko-inspired electro battleground of Fender vs Strat, debut single “City Lover” mixes a late Fleetwood Mac-style rhythmic verse with a driving groove-laden pop chorus. All this coming to your ears with a thematic purpose: their affection for love songs and their disdain for the fruitless flavour of lacklustre modern pop.

James Stefanuto (Max & The Electric): “When we sat down with the director (Robert W. Livings), we decided we wanted the video to encompass everything that has been popularised as “indie” in recent times and just mix that up with a bit of Tim & Eric style comedy strangeness and a Wes Anderson style and feel to the colours and frames. The video was shot over a Friday night through toSaturday afternoon with a budget of 400 dollars. $320 of which went on the slow motion camera. Do not try to make sense of the video otherwise your head will start to hurt. I’m pretty sure the cactus I ate for one of the shots was poisonous because my tongue felt really strange for the rest of the night. For the most part we hope that Lisa Curry doesn’t have to ever see this. Rob the director has been collecting VHS tapes nearly his whole life and needless to say ‘Lisa Curry’s Pregnancy Workout’ VHS wasn’t on the top of his list of videos to keep in the collection. Sorry Lisa Curry.”

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Video: Elephant Stone – “Knock You From Yr Mountain”

“Knock You From Yr Mountain” is from Elephant Stone’s new LP, Three Poisons out now via Hidden Pony Records.

Check out their website for more information (and to listen to their album)!

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Listen: Busy Living – “Let You Down”

Busy Living

Listen: Busy Living – “Let You Down”

Crafting artful, arena sized indie-pop set against the beat of a post-punk backdrop, LA’s Busy Living are back with new singles produced by Spoon’s Jim Eno that take cues from the likes of Weezer and The Pixies, creating a seamless fusion of futuristic dance elements with pop-centric rock. Their songs are cinematic, landing them several syncs on popular television shows including NCIS, Hawaii 5-0, and Beauty and The Beast.
Comprised of Mike Moonves (lead vocals, guitar), Tim Hutton (bass, vocals), and Matt Leddy (keys, vocals), the Los Angeles based three-piece return with a staggering collection of indie-pop, set to be released later in 2014. Busy Living were recently hand picked to tour with Communion, a multi-city showcase founded by Mumford & Son’s Ben Lovett.

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Dimond Saints Release 3rd Single From Hunters Moon EP


Listen: Dimond Saints – “Hunters”

Out of the shadows and with steady aim, Dimond Saints release the formidable “Hunters”. A hulking beast of a song that twists and turns on the drop of a dime. “Hunters” uses dark yet empowering vocal manipulation, combined with the multiple bass & rhythm shifts, with crisp futuristic production the Saints are becoming known for.

“Hunters” is the 3rd song from the Hunters Moon EP. Which is the Second chapter from the Shingetsu Album.

Here are the previous 2 songs:

Dimond Saints


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Check ‘Em Out: BØRNS

10000Emerald Pools

Listen: BØRNS – “10,000 Emerald Pools”

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Video: Cathedrals – “Unbound”

Check out the video for Cathedrals’ “Unbound” which is a collaboration between the band, Maria Kochetkova who is the principal ballerina in the San Francisco ballet and The Sugar Cubes light sculpture (see piece on Discovery Channel). “Unbound” was directed by Sam Pressman and the cinematographer Isaac Bauman (John Legend, Sam Smith, Drake, The Presets and Blood Orange).

 “The intimacy of the lovers is the ground, the base emotion of the song – the light cubes are the rhythm, continuous in every shot of the video they remind that everyone herein is coexisting even if we so often feel separate – Maria is the spirit, up and down, dancing our worlds together – and Cathedrals are our storytellers mirroring the struggle of the lovers to find each other. ” – director Sam Pressman in FADER

Later this month, the San Francisco duo will play their first ever East Coast show at Neon Gold’s New Shapes CMJ showcase on October 23rd. Don’t miss the band live — information HERE.

cathedrals hi res

Listen: Cathedrals – “OOO AAA”

Listen: Cathedrals – “Harlem”

Cathedrals – Cathedrals EP (out 9/8 on Neon Gold –

01. Harlem
02. In The Dark
04. Unbound
05. Want My Love

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