Congratulations, CAKE!

CAKE is back on top! The band’s new album, Showroom Of Compassion, has debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200, marking their first number one album in their nearly two decades of existence. Showroom Of Compassion, CAKE’s first record of new material since the release of Pressure Chief seven years ago, comes via the band’s own label, Upbeat Records. Not only is this a first for CAKE, who have always made it a point to stay true to their independent roots, but also the first Number One release for Warner’s Independent Label Group.

“Sick Of You” remains a Top 5 hit at both Alternative and Triple A radio, and the video continues in heavy rotation at both MTV2 and MTVu. Rolling Stone did a Q&A with lead singer John McCrea and premiered the video for the Showroom opener “Federal Funding.”

The buzz continues with “Long Time” set to be the second single from the album, featuring an animated music video. Look for the video to debut next week.

“We heard this hip little fuzzed-out tune on the radio, and we were, like, who’s this cool new band? Maybe something called Bear Antler? Then we realized it was CAKE.” – Rolling Stone

“[‘Sick Of You’] is vintage CAKE, with frontman John McCrea’s jaded, semi-spoken vocals, crunchy guitar riffs, a skippy beat, and blasts of trumpet.”

Oh, and how funny is this? From CAKE’s road journal:

Monday, December 6, 2010
Pittsburgh, PA

We were in Pittsburgh on a Monday, so The Warhol museum was closed, which was especially unfortunate because a Marilyn Monroe exhibit is there now.

Do you know Pittsburghers have a dialect all their own?!


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