Newest Love: Conquistador – “With a Love Like That”

“Conquistador slays the stage…mad lights…Love Boat disco beats, Zappa-flaired psychedelia and Bowie glam rock… Let Conquistador conquer your heart.” –Los Angeles Weekly

“Edwardian Ziggy Stardust goes to Transylvania,”–Los Angeles Times

“An amalgam of Bowie, Queen, synth-pop, disco, psych… -and the introspection of a sensitive oddball who’s been told many times he doesn’t fit in, but is actually more normal than most people.”-BLURT magazine

The site of Conquistador has an immediate impact. A staple of red carpets, festivals, and Los Angeles nightlife – Conquistador has been sparking interest worldwide and leaving “Who is THAT?!” on everyone’s lips. Conquistador is an LA based musician and artist. A champion of true freedom, his work champions individualism and is defiantly eccentric. His presence alone has a transformative effect on any space. His signature look consists of cat suits, a Ushanka Russian hat, and most notably his award winning moustache which made him the first American, first Jew, as well as the youngest competitor in history to win the title of “World Imperial Moustache Champion” at the World Beard and Mustache Championships, held in Brighton, England in 2007.

Conquistador’s playful and daring image is just one facet of his work; his music exhibits the same freedom, abandon, and rebelliousness. Conquistador grabbed national attention this fall when he unwittingly became one of the highlights of MTV’s 2012 VMAs and caused a sensation on the red carpet. The infectious spirit in his music and performance art has lead to Madness and the Afghan Whigs inviting him onstage at festival performances. The image and music have always been inseparable for Conquistador. He grew up with Sparks as neighbors and was inspired to wear lycra catsuits by Todd Rundgren and Alice Cooper. The glitter movement inspired him to be exactly who he wants to be at all times and Conquistador is paying the inspiration forward. He has already won a pair of Latin GRAMMY nominations for his co-writing with Kinky.

Conquistador may have the most recognizable moustache in Los Angeles. It’s landed him in the LA Times and tabloids on countless occasions. He has been able to use his moustache for humanitarian work and is a supporter of Movember, an international charity event where men are encouraged to grow a moustache for the month of November to raise awareness and money for prostate cancer research. He has recently traveled to Australia and New Zealand to promote the event.

Stream: Conquistador – “With a Love Like That”


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