Stream: Caught a Ghost – Nightworks


Now, Nightworks, the debut EP from Caught A Ghost, is released today via +1 Records. As the songwriter, producer and lead singer of the band, Jesse Nolan is a devotee of music from bygone eras. With Caught a Ghost, he’s created a sound that eagerly expounds upon his affection for vintage soul, delta blues, and 90s rap alike.

The band has been producing and releasing content on music blogs and their social networks over the past few months. “Time Go” was premiered by Paste Magazine. “Hold Out” was featured here on Musically Amusing as well as on Rolling Stone, and the video premiered on NYLON. This week, the EP is being streamed on AOL Spinner.

As the band now releases their debut EP, they’ve already garnered over 500,000 YOUTUBE views.

The momentum has started to perk up people’s ears around the industry. “Time Go” was featured on the NBC’s SUITS, and “Connected” was featured on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy.

Jessie Nolan describes the name of his band Caught A Ghost as referring to the sensation of being filled with the spirit of the past. “It’s an old expression” he says, “musicians used to say you caught a ghost if you gave a good performance. Like you were possessed.” It is this sort reverence for the music of bygone eras combined with Nolan’s musical dexterity that makes Caught A Ghost so unique, and on the cusp of something great.

Nightworks is the precursor to their debut album, due out Summer 2013 on +1 Records.

Stream: Caught a Ghost – Nightworks


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