Download: Desert Stars – “Off the Cliff”

Desert Stars

A classically trained violinist, Janelle Best brings a distinctive mark to the intricately layered instrumentation, lush harmonies and atmospheric guitar implemented by her band Desert Stars.

Their newest track “Off the Cliff” invites you to take a plunge deep down into a reverb-soaked abyss, darkened by Janelle’s warm voice.

Listen/download: Desert Stars – “Off the Cliff”

Along with Best and Hill, Desert Stars is comprised of guitarist Eric Altesleben, bassist Tim Edgar and drummer Gregg Giuffré, a quintet whose music has the effect we only wish Phil Spector had produced for The Jesus and Mary Chain. With twelve tracks of languid harmony and reverb, Habit Shackles (available on July 16th) is certain to resonate with fans of Nico and Cat Power.

You can see Desert Stars at their album release show on July 16th at Cameo in New York.


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