New Video: KNTRLR – “Stabs”


Somewhere in-between a less pissed off Death Grips and an electronic drums/synth version The Walkmen is the Brooklyn duo KNTRLR. While certainly more of an electronic production, the combined kinetic energy of Charles Davis and Michael Henry is something that can only come from real-life human beings beating on instruments.

Visual elements are also a defining element of the KNTRLR aesthetic, which is clearly made evident in their new video for “Stabs” a track that came to fruition after the band saw a man get stabbed outside of their practice space. Featuring apocalyptic found footage and the literal stabbing of a heart, you can watch the almost-epileptic video below.

And for those adjacent to the band’s native Brooklyn, KNTRLR will be performing with the Gay Blades at Asbury Lanes this Friday, November 29th.


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