Newest Love: Electro-Swing Band Klischée


Their sound is international and their ambitions are spot on. The musicians and entertainers of Klischée have been working
meticulously on their electro-swing oriented music, but now in the year 2013 they seem to have definitely found their own signature.
Their latest singles “Tiquette”, “Sometimes” and “Tin Tin” are proof, that no stage is small enough anymore, for the producers Dominique Dreier, Kilian Spinnler and their Crew. Performances all over Europe are part of the agenda even before the release of their LP and it won’t be long until Klischée becomes one of the rather more successful CH-export hits. The five members can look forward to some eventful days and we’re eagerly expecting whereto the musical path these five electro-swingers will lead.



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