Check ‘Em Out: The Hawks (of Holy Rosary)


San Antonio pop-punk outfit, The Hawks (of Holy Rosary), recently announced the release of the sophomore album, What Team Am I On?, out July 22 via Texas Is Funny Records. The band has shared “catchy, messy” track, “Robert DeNiro” which you can listen to below. The band originally started as a two-piece, made up of childhood friends Frank Weysos and Chuck Hernandez, and takes its name from the local academy they attended together. Now with six members, the band creates high-energy, exuberant garage-pop tunes delivered with a cheeky punk attitude!



Listen: The Hawks (of Holy Rosary) – “Robert DeNiro”

Track Listing for What Team Am I On? 

1. Robert Deniro
2. It’s Just Work
3. F#ck My Way To The Top
4. Freak Of The Week
5. Dizzy
6. Zack & Jack
7. EZ PZ
8. Who Is Myself
9. Snakes & Hawks
10. Panda Buffet
11. First Punch
12. It’s Just Work (lounge version) (Hidden track)


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