Check ‘Em Out: Silent Pictures


California psych-gaze group Silent Pictures are announcing their sophomore LP, Let it Begin, via BrooklynVegan with single “Behind the Scenes,” mixed by Ricky Maymi of Brian Jonestown Massacre. A mix of beachy reverb-jangle and swirling strings, the track calls to mind bands as diverse as Allah-Las to the Jesus and Mary Chain.

“Behind the Scenes” serves as a taste of what’s to come, yet the full album drifts from ethereal glam rock to noisy psychedelic shoegaze to pure Britpop, an indication of the wide-ranging experience of the musicians that make up Silent Pictures. The skill level allows for the record to float between genres seamlessly, unable to stick to one certain genre, or even stay under the “psych” umbrella. Certainly Brian Jonestown Massacre comes to mind, as member Ricky Maymi had a hand in production, yet it’s easy to compare tracks like “Twisted Smile” to Britpop trailblazers like the Jesus and Mary Chain and the Stone Roses. Not to be nailed down to one era either, Silent Pictures could be perfectly in line on a bill with more modern bands like Allah Lahs or Kevin Morby.

Every instrument and microphone went live to the board and was mastered in analog with knobs and dials and not a bunch of digital emulations and approximations of what live music should sound like. There is no use of digital vocal pitch corrected by auto tune. What you hear is what you get.

Let it Begin will be released on vinyl and all DSPs on July 15 via Green Fuse Records. The band will be playing three different California based festivals and will be announcing more live dates throughout the summer. For now, you can stream “Behind the Scenes” via BrooklynVegan.


Listen to “Behind the Scenes”

Festival Appearances
SubZero Festival – San Jose, CA – June 4
Desert Stars Festival – Joshua Tree, CA —  Sept. 23-24


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