Check ‘Em Out: Black Pines

Following their recent release “Fire and Stone”, which offered a dose of escapism through its beautifully layered instrumentals and nostalgic undertone, Essex band Black Pines keeps the ball rolling with yet another powerful flame, “Get What’s Coming”, which released earlier this month.

Backing the tremendous response to breakthrough singles “Heaven’s Son”, “Power” and “Hope” in 2020,  their stripped-back collection Isolation Tapes in early 2021, and their soulful single “Chains” in 2021, the talented five-piece captures listeners with addictive melodies and explosive vocals.

“Get What’s Coming” is a chilling soundscape of blues-tinged rock blended into a denser contemporary rock that speaks to anyone with a taste for rhythm. With its bold guitar riffs, soaring vocal powerhouse, and deeply emotive lyricism, the single has a rousing disposition that is rich with authenticity.

When speaking on the new release, Black Pines said “Get What’s Coming is a song about overcoming addiction. It’s a rally cry to pick yourself up and start again.”


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