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Free Download (limited time): Golden Vessel – “Never Know”


Golden Vessel returns with the second single off his upcoming debut Before Sleep EP, titled “Never Know” it features the gorgeous vocals and dreamy guitar work of Gold Coast brother/sister duo, LASTLINGS.

Max Byrne (aka Golden Vessel) is a huge fan of everything Lastlings have been releasing over the last 12 months. He thought Amy’s voice was just stunning, and was impressed with what Josh brought to the project with his guitar – an instrument he has never been able to play himself, but loved how well it can work with electronic music, and really wanted to capture that in his new song.

Max went out to Amy and Josh’s family home in the Gold Coast Hinterlands with the basic piano melody/idea to work from. Josh and Max began mapping out the chords on the guitar, before getting to work on the beat and surrounding instrumentals, while Amy sat behind them penning the lyrics and working on her melodies.

“The lyrics for never know came together really quickly and naturally. They’re a mixture of some lyrics we already had written in our books and some new ones we came up with that day. For us ‘Never Know’ paints a picture in our heads of those times when there’s a thought or recollection replaying in your mind, but the memory is so faded and vague that you start adding different conclusions or sides to a story and get a bit disconnected from what happened and what actually happened” – Lastings

“I think I was channeling that beautiful drive out to Amy & Josh’s home into the song; windows open, cruising down long windy roads on a warm summer’s day, through the beautiful lush Queesnland landscape” – Golden Vessel


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