Empire of the Sun & Jay-Z!?!

Empire of the Sun’s debut album Walking on a Dream (which I reviewed here) has done extremely well, especially in the UK. Now, Jay-Z has asked frontman Luke Steele to collaborate on his new album, The Blueprint 3.

From Spinner.com:

It’s pretty impressive for a band that has yet to play its first show. They’re finally going to add that to their resume as well, at the end of this month when Empire of the Sun performs a string of festival dates across Australia, beginning Sept. 26 in Brisbane.

“I’ve kind of designed the show like a movie,” Steele tells Spinner. “It’s like a 3-D movie. There’s narration and there’s lots of dance, and so it kind of takes you on a journey like the record does and goes to a lot of different places. It’s a cross between a movie and a live band show.”


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