Gallagher Feud Never Ends

I don’t know why, but I think it’s quite amusing how Noel and Liam Gallagher are constantly bickering about something or other. This time, Liam claims that Noel has stolen songs from Oasis for his own personal solo career.

From Clash Music:

Working on his debut solo album, Noel Gallagher has kept information to a minimum. However in a new interview brother Liam has claimed to know which songs he is working on, as they were “swiped” from Oasis.

Speaking to ContactMusic the singer insisted that he had already heard the solo material. “I’ve heard his fucking new record ‘cos I fucking sung on half of it,” he said. “Fucking nonsense.”

Continuing, Liam Gallagher claimed that the tracks were leftovers from ‘Dig Out Your Soul‘. Mixed in Los Angeles in 2008, it seems that some completed tracks were not included on the released album.

“When I was in America for ‘Dig Out Your Soul’, he swiped some off because he obviously knew he wanted to do a solo album” explained the singer. Continuing, Liam Gallagher backtracked slightly admitting that he and Noel do not speak and that “it’s very hush-hush round his camp.”

While Liam Gallagher has blazed back into the public eye with Beady Eye his brother has been rather more secretive. Two shows at the Royal Albert Hall are all Noel Gallagher has to show for his solo career thus far.

Ranting about the possible direction his material will make, Liam Gallagher insisted that he is “not arsed” with hearing what Noel will come up with. “I’m not arsed with what he’s doing,” he said. “I’m sure it will all be very civilised and grown-up. His gigs will be like those that you can really stroke your chin at. With four rent-a-Scousers wearing shell suits.”

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