LIVE: Cut Copy

Months ago when I saw in an email that Cut Copy was coming, I immediately made my arrangements to attend. Finally, they were coming! I couldn’t believe it and I had to be there. Thank goodness I was, too, because they put on a helluva show. I got a prime spot towards the front where I could see and still be relatively comfortable. The venue was filled. Everyone was excited and sweaty with anticipation.

Then the quartet of dudes entered the stage. The crowd was on point; ready and in dance mode. “Where I’m Going” from the latest album, Zonoscope, was played at the beginning of the set. I like that it was thrown into the beginning for some measure against some of the lesser known songs. They all led up to the second half of the show, which was more pleasing than pink starburst.

Dan Whitford stood there belting out songs while a fan (a literal, electric fan; not a person…haha, although I would have done it. I love you, Dan!) blew air through his luscious hair, evoking images of a cheesy 80s heart throb movie. In fact, I read an interview online from Seattle Gay News where the writer asked what the secret is to Dan’s hair. Guitarist, Tim Hoey answered saying Whitford’s actually working on his own hair line. Jokingly, Hoey added, “he basically modeled it on the bad kid from Karate Kid.”

“Lights and Music” broke out, and when it did, everyone went completely ape shit! I get chills just thinking about the seconds leading up to the first chorus. Just picture everyone in a movie theater sitting on the edge of their seat, waiting for that crucial moment you know will happen. I nodded my head along with the beat of the 5 second interval before all broke loose. The lights start blinking different neon colors, everyone is fiercely dancing and screaming while Dan Whitford is loudly singing “Lights and Music, are on my mind.” It’s definitely one of my FAVORITE concert moments.

Whitford keeps going, “Fading with the color you see in my face, cold and crystal you can’t hide ‘cuz your tears race. I’ll be waiting by in time, put your dreams away. You’re holding hope open for the one making you wait.” At this point, everyone is clapping with the beat, ready for the next chorus again. The cheering, screaming and clapping all gets louder and faster. I remember dancing fluidly as one with the crowd while smiling and laughing like a little girl the whole time. Wondrous.

After that serving of hotness, the band moved on with “Take Me Over,” another crowd pleaser. They just kept coming after that. “Out There on the Ice” and “Hearts on Fire” blew me away and left me dazed and dumbfounded. Cut Copy had us all in the palms of their hands. It was a big, sweaty dance party. All of my favorites were played. Plus, they came back out TWICE to play ONE more song. And they totally jammed out, too. If you have a chance to catch one of their shows, you better go. I mean, I would go even if they only played “Lights and Music,” it’s that awesome. I couldn’t have asked for a better set list. I came, I saw and I danced (my ass off).


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2 responses to “LIVE: Cut Copy

  1. Cut Copy is so good man. Have you heard SebastiAn’s remix of Going Nowhere? It’s such a banger!

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