Newest Love (+ free download): Pikachunes

The recording of New Zealander Miles McDougall’s debut Pikachunes album came about after he fractured his ulna while skateboarding, an injury that required reconstructive surgery. At the time, McDougall was majoring in Jazz performance on drums and the injury left him unable to play. Instead, he created Pikachunes, a first person account of the turmoil of moving to a new city to build a name as a musician. “All you have to do is write a bass line and then everybody wants to know your name,” McDougall sings in the single “Nervous,” sounding like he may know plenty about the US music scene already.

Producing and performing pulsing electro beats that are both groovy and awash with heavy club thuggery, Pikachunes makes a splash with songs that make you move, think and laugh with their stinging social commentary.

The self-titled debut album is available today from Lil’ Chief Records. Click here to preview and buy Pikachunes.

Listen/download: Pikachunes – “Nervous”

Track Listing:

01. Holiday

02. Just A Boy

03. Disco Baby

04. New Fiend

05. Nervous

06. Tonight

07. Metronome

08. You’re Alright

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