Finally! Official Video for Avicii’s “Levels”

One year, and over 20 millions YouTube hits after it was first unleashed upon the partying public, Avicii’s ‘Levels’ has become a globally recognized score and undoubtedly the most unifying dancefloor record of 2011…but the bug is spreading further! As this mammoth single continues to soar up charts across the planet, we are finally blessed with one truly hilarious music video to match. Living up to all expectations and more, this three-minute cut of comic genius will have you splitting at the sides.
The mundane, daily grind of office-block life provides the initial setting…until that is, one melancholy employee becomes infected with the ‘Levels bug’. No prizes for guessing how the mood U-turns; as Avicii’s smash hit gets into full swing, resonating and rip-roaring over the computers and photocopiers of the humdrum workplace, the man is simply uncontrollable in his hip-thrusting, booty-shaking, table-top dancing excitement – so much so that only the Taser-gun of a security man can bring him down!
As he hits the deck and passes out, that’s when things start to get very weird…and equally funny. Awaking from a truly bizarre dream to find himself strapped to a hospital bed, the madness of the office starts all over again – the only difference being that the ‘Levels bug’ is ten times more infectious than before. Doctors, nurses and janitors beware, because nobody is safe from the contagious sounds of 22 year-old superstar Avicii!

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