The Archive Box Project

I received an email recently that at first I thought to be no different from the others. But, after reading I saw there was something definitely very unique about it. Therefore, here I introduce to you The Archive Box Project.

Stereochemistry is a one-woman pop cabaret project by Karla Stereochemistry, a singer-songwriter and a former scientist originally  from Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

After a year spent on tour throughout Europe, following her previous release, “Vagabond Cabaret”,  Stereochemistry has recently released her second album entitled The Archive Box, and is all about music, memories and how to deal and archive them.

Here is a brief description of “The Archive Box” conceptual art project:
“The Archive Box” is more then just music. “The Archive Box” IS actually, A BOX – as far as the physical release is concerned.
There are 50 unique Archive Boxes in the world. The Archive Boxes  are hand crafted one by one, and are like brothers and sisters: they all look alike, but they differ slightly both in aspect and the content. The Archive Boxes are analog game boxes, yet they are interactive and  interconnected. They come supplied with some initial memories, as an  encouragement for you to store your own important little things in  there. In that way, once delivered, all the 50 brothers and sisters will grow  and evolve separately, becoming more distinct over time but still  keeping their common roots. In fact, The Archive Boxes own a  Switchboard Function that allows you to connect with another Archive Box owner JUST ONCE. No one is obliged to use it, no one is obliged to  allow to be contacted. What the box offers is a chance.

As far as the digital distribution is concerned, one song will be set free from the Archive Box each month. Each song will be accompanied with an animation/video and a story, or better say, a memory behind it…

The songs will be available for free download for the unlimited time period upon their release. The download links will be available on, Reverbnation, SoundCloud, Myspace…so feel free to select Your Favorite Digital Media Platform. The boxes  can be ordered from Stereochemistry’s official web page or by emailing  to


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