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Newest Love: Hotel Garuda – “Fixed On You”


Hotel Garuda’s unprecedented rise to stardom quickly saw the duo establish themselves as a household name amongst the modern electronic music space. Now the pairing teams up with vocal starlet Violet Days for “Fixed On You,” their highly-anticipated return to the star-studded PRMD Music imprint.

Out today, “Fixed On You” is Hotel Garuda’s follow up to their first official release on the label, “Smoke Signals.” The former was a massive success, streaming over 4 million times and charting in the Spotify Viral charts globally, in the US, and the UK. Their newest single is the latest example of their ability to integrate their sound with artists of varying genres. Violet Days scintillating vocal control is on full display, with her tone and texture not being overshadowed, but being accentuated and brought to life in a way that only Aseem and Chris of HG could accomplish. Coming off a series of tour dates at high profile festivals like Coachella, Shambhala, EDC Las Vegas, BPM Festival, Snow Globe Music Festival, + Miami Music Week and having commissioned official remixes for Lana Del Rey, Galantis, BANKS, and Anna Lunoe, it’s easy to see why Hotel Garuda are touted throughout the industry as a true talent to behold.

Hotel Garuda, composed of DJ/producer duo Manila Killa & Candleweather, have epitomized the DIY culture of modern dance music. Scaling the online tastemaker world with an array of remixes and remakes, their versatile sound has continued to beckon attention far beyond the music forums, garnering them more than 25 million streams on SoundCloud alone. Their 4 official remixes & consecutive #1’s on the Hype Machine charts have also seen Hotel Garuda accompanied by critical acclaim from Billboard, Harper’s Bazaar, and Complex.

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Must Hear: Calypso – “Numbered”


“Numbered” is the impressive debut single from a newcomer out of Tasmania who goes by the name Calypso, giving us the first taste of her upcoming Untitled EP that is due out over the coming months.

Calypso is known by some for her role in a project out of Hobart called S L O W, but what you may not know is that she has also been working on her own solo stuff for a little while, and is now feeling confident and ready to share it with the rest of us.

“Numbered” is the first taste of Calypso’s debut four-track EP, and if this is anything to go by, we are certainly in for a treat. As it opens with the strum of the piano, Calypso’s gorgeous voice starts to tell its tale, when it’s met by an infectious driving-beat and a distant wailing saxophone, right before being swooped up and carried away by an uplifting electro-groove.

“The story behind “Numbered” is quite obvious through the lyrics in the song; it’s about the struggle between two people as their love for each other is coming to an end – the painful experience of wanting to keep somebody close, but knowing that you will eventually have to let go” – Calypso

“Numbered” is available through Spotify, and for a limited time you can also get a free download through Calypso’s Soundcloud.

Over the coming weeks we can expect a sensual and stimulating Raef Sawford-directed music video, just ahead of the Untitled EP’s release on June 22nd.

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Listen: New Music from MiM0SA


Today, MiM0SA announces his new album Future Trill Vol 2. and reveals the first track of the album “Boss Shit” ft Bun B from UGK.

“Boss Shit” ft Bun B is for sale on iTunes today HERE and down below you can stream the song via Soundcloud.

Tigran Mimosa is a young voice echoing the generation of youth raised on early hip-hop and Grime.  Born in Armenia and brought to Los Angeles at age three, he was thrown into a survivalist situation facing the harsh realities of a new country. Being an only child to a single mom as well as an immigrant produced an ambitious street kid. At the tender age of seventeen, Tigran went north to the illustrious city of San Francisco. At a time when most kids were getting out of high school he was already knee deep in the epicenter of a vast and eclectic underground music scene. San Francisco, the legendary city of pioneers and innovators, had a quick yet sudden transformational effect – swept up in the chaos, MiM0SA was born.

Working with a myriad of synth lines and harmonic melodies, he carved out a niche by layering these with the signature 808 kick. Ultimately inspired by the west coast patriarch’s of hip-hop from the Bay to LA, his musical creations had the unique voice that only a conglomerate of different influences could create. Embodying the newness of street youth and bay area underground culture, Mimosa immediately caught the ear of a small underground label called Muti Music. To follow was a prolific four EPs and an album between 2008 and 2010, which immediately earned him accolades as a live performer, chalking up early triumphs at the Lightning In A Bottle Festival, Red Rocks and Coachella.

In 2011, MiM0SA started his empire with his personal record label, False Idol Musik.  Through this came the release of his second album, Sanctuary.  His live gigs also traveled east during these few years, attracting thousands of fans and proving West Coast underground could not only resonate, but also was a party staple across the country. In 2012 his performance garnered him amongst the “top ten acts at Bonnaroo” from Spin magazine.

In 2013, MiM0SA came hard with evolution of his sound launching a free concept album entitled Future Trill Vol. 1. He conceptualized the idea of “future trill” as being an umbrella term for the genre of music and the diversified tracks within. Therefore his much-anticipated new album is aptly named Future Trill Vol. 2 and contains a diverse multiform compilation of tracks. Featured on the album is Houston rapper Bun B of UGK with whom MiM0SA admits having, “pursued with a determination to collaborate”. Traveling to Texas with a suitcase of cash and a hard drive full of beats, he sought out and conquered. MiM0SA and the underground rapper went to work and in what would be described as luck or magic a potent musical union was formed.  Within a thirty-minutes the epic single “Boss Shit” was recorded to be released this August 2014 on Future Trill Vol. 2.

Today, MiM0SA resides in Los Angeles, occupying a spacious former Buddhist temple equipped with ample studio set-up. He’s graced the stages of major venues around the world.  Life’s journey from a street rat hood kid to future trill patron instilled an eager sense toward constant evolution and a dedication to the underground. Inspiration and devotion walk hand and hand to solidify the beginning chapter of MiM0SA.

This is a story yet to be told about an artist creating his own revolution with sound.

unnamedListen: MiM0SA – “Boss Shit” ft. Bun B

MiM0SA Shows: 
7/17 – Columbia, SC @ Social Bar and Lounge
7/18 – Louisville, KY @ Belle of Louisville
7/26 – Highlands, TX @ Banana Bend
8/14 – Chicago, IL @ Sound-Bar Nightclub
8/30 – Philadelphia, PA @ Fairmount Park
9/12 – Madison, WI @ Segredo
9/13 – Kansas City, MO @ Richard L Berkley Riverfront
9/26 – Fairburn, GA @ Bouckaert Farm
8/28 – Seattle, WA @ Showbox

MiM0SA – Future Trill Vol. 2 track list:
01- Resurrection
02- Sunshine
03- Boss Shit Ft. Bun B of UGK
04- Hot Boys Ft Taso
05- Crescent Moon
06- Turbo
07- Anubis
08- Underdog
09- Jagged Edge
10- Outer Space

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Listen: New Music from Lifelike

Click to go listen to Lifelike’s remix of The Presets’ “Promises”

Have a listen to Lifelike’s electro infused remix of The Preset’s “Promises” in anticipation of Modular’s release of the “Promises” Remix EP ( December 4th). If the original is the backdrop to a cool and retro pool party than Lifelike’s remix is perfect for the all-nighter at your favorite club. The incredibly catchy vocals paired with an amped up bass line, electrified beat and Lifelike’s classic French-style synth work make this remix of “Promises” a dance floor bomb.

Also, check out Lifelike’s new single “Don’t Stop” featuring A-Trak

Listen: Lifelike – “Don’t Stop” ft. A-Trak

“The funky nu-disco track has a compellingly feel-good melody, effectively merging classic cosmic disco effects with banging bass and undulating electro-synths. The welcome inclusion of grinding vocals absorbs listeners, creating quite the blissful ambiance, albeit with outstandingly old-school vibes.” – SF Critic

“Starting with a booming kick drum and then leading into an electronic disco inferno, the song is [a] ferociously bombastic dance number.” – Prefix Mag

“Chances are you’ll forego that second (or third) does of caffeine once you hear the new collaboration from like-minded DJs/producers Lifelike and A-Trak. The duo weaves together a future-disco banger with “Don’t Stop,” an appropriate title given the track’s infectious grooves.” – Complex Music


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Video: Atlas Genius – “Trojans” + “Back Seat” remix for download

Atlas Genius just premiered the official video for their hit single “Trojans,”on MTV, MTVu and VH1. The band has also just released a remix by Goldroom for their song “Back Seat.” Good Music All Day says, “this track might melt your soul a little bit, but in the best possible way of course.

Download: Atlas Genius – “Back Seat” (Goldroom Remix)

Confirmed US Tour Dates:

  • 11/27     The National – Richmond, VA
  • 11/28     Ted Constant Convocation Center – Norfolk, VA
  • 12/01     Aragon Ballroom – Chicago, IL
  • 12/06     Mezzanine – San Francisco, CA
  • 12/08     Crystal Ballroom – Portland, OR
  • 12/11     The Troubadour – Los Angeles, CA (Headlining)

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Listen: Armin van Buuren Remix of Zedd – “Spectrum”

Check out the brand new remix of Zedd’s “Spectrum” by dutch producer Armin van Buuren, featuring vocals by Matthew Koma. It is the first of many amazing official remixes featured on the Spectrum EP out July 31st.  “Spectrum” became the top track on Soundcloud after only 5 hours instantly hitting #1 on The Hype Machine.

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The Archive Box Project

I received an email recently that at first I thought to be no different from the others. But, after reading I saw there was something definitely very unique about it. Therefore, here I introduce to you The Archive Box Project.

Stereochemistry is a one-woman pop cabaret project by Karla Stereochemistry, a singer-songwriter and a former scientist originally  from Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

After a year spent on tour throughout Europe, following her previous release, “Vagabond Cabaret”,  Stereochemistry has recently released her second album entitled The Archive Box, and is all about music, memories and how to deal and archive them.

Here is a brief description of “The Archive Box” conceptual art project:
“The Archive Box” is more then just music. “The Archive Box” IS actually, A BOX – as far as the physical release is concerned.
There are 50 unique Archive Boxes in the world. The Archive Boxes  are hand crafted one by one, and are like brothers and sisters: they all look alike, but they differ slightly both in aspect and the content. The Archive Boxes are analog game boxes, yet they are interactive and  interconnected. They come supplied with some initial memories, as an  encouragement for you to store your own important little things in  there. In that way, once delivered, all the 50 brothers and sisters will grow  and evolve separately, becoming more distinct over time but still  keeping their common roots. In fact, The Archive Boxes own a  Switchboard Function that allows you to connect with another Archive Box owner JUST ONCE. No one is obliged to use it, no one is obliged to  allow to be contacted. What the box offers is a chance.

As far as the digital distribution is concerned, one song will be set free from the Archive Box each month. Each song will be accompanied with an animation/video and a story, or better say, a memory behind it…

The songs will be available for free download for the unlimited time period upon their release. The download links will be available on stereochemistrymusic.com, Reverbnation, SoundCloud, Myspace…so feel free to select Your Favorite Digital Media Platform. The boxes  can be ordered from Stereochemistry’s official web page or by emailing  to stereochemistrymusic@gmail.com

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Check It Out: Waxploitation / ZZK Compilation

“Whether it’s making thousands of European ravers lose their shit at Roskilde, winning over tents of sunburned Americans at Coachella, or inspiring Argentines to dance to something besides endless drum and bass, the artists of Zizek have gone from their own tropical new-school cumbia club night in Buenos Aires to stages all over the world.”Blackbook

“There’s really nothing like ZZK Records anywhere in the world: the avant Argentinian label releases experimental, digital cumbias and other unique interpretations traditional Latin genres; acts as a family, collective and nightclub in Buenos Aires; and, of course, travels the globe.” Fader

Buenos Aires’ ZZK Records officially signed on with Waxploitation here in the U.S., and to celebrate the partnership, the labels have released an compilation of all the label’s artists for free via Soundcloud. You can hear it HERE. If you’re not familiar with ZZK, they’re the label that’s leading the experimental electronic music scene in South America, mixing disparate genres like grime and dance with cumbia and other influences. You can read Fader’s feature on the scene here for some background.

The labels will be jointly releasing the Argentinian label’s catalog, which includes Temor, Frikstailers, Chancha via Circuito, and more. Waxploitation/ZZK will be putting out the debut Super Guachin EP, Piratas y Fichines, today, followed by Fauna’s full length album Manshines on January 10th, as well as Mati Zundel’s debut album Amazonico Gravitante on March 27th. If you’re not familiar with Waxploitation, it’s the label/management company that brought up Danger Mouse, Gnarls Barkley, and Broken Bells, as well as the Causescompilations.

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New Music: Gigamesh

Gigamesh’s debut self-titled EP is available through all digital retailers starting today, through Our Label International. Additionally, fans can buy the extended version of the single “When You’re Dancing Ft. Induce” exclusively on Beatport. Gigamesh has received considerable attention and support from DJs as diverse as DJ AM and Brodinski to Busy P and Fare Soldi for his bootleg remixes of artists like Animal Collecitve, Lykke Li and Radiohead, the latter two of which hit #1 on the Hype Machine. In celebration of the EP release, he has released the new “It’s So Intense” (Fare Soldi Enrico Pallazzo Remix) MP3.

Check it out and download HERE.

Gigamesh opens the EP with disco-infused single “When You’re Dancing (feat. Induce)” with a hook that commands you to move. “It’s So Intense” lives up to its name as a hazy synth-driven club banger. EP closer “People” shows the melodic side of Gigamesh, lead by melodic vocals from Nicole Godiva while still incorporating bass guitar and synths.

Known for pushing the boundaries of dance music, Gigamesh has been making his mark for several years in dance clubs around the world. He has garnered widespread success with his own popular blend of remixes, as well as his work with remix group DiscoTech, and his role in Señor Stereo, a disco influenced live-electronic group. Gigamesh was hired to remix Mike Posner’s “Cooler Than Me” in late 2009.  Ultimately chosen to be the first single on Posner’s debut album, the Gigamesh version went on to sell over 2.5 million copies.

Gigamesh Tour Dates
10/29: Minneapolis, MN @ Kitty Cat Klub, Record Release Show
11/4: Toronto, ON @ The Gladstone
11/5: New York, NY @ Juliet Supperclub
11/18: Vancouver, BC @ Post Modern

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New Track: Wale ft. Kid Cudi – “Focused”

Wale and Kid Cudi have officially buried the hatchet and are now “Focused” on the future.  Wale’s new track “Focused” featuring Kid Cudi just premiered on Complex.com. The track is from Wale’s highly anticipated new album Ambition, which is set to drop on November 1st (11.1.11.)  Ambition will also include the hit tracks “That Way” featuring Jeremih & Rick Ross, as well as the newly released “Lotus Flower Bomb” featuring Miguel.

Listen to: Wale ft. Kid Cudi – “Focused”


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