Check ‘Em Out: Capsula

Wild. Energetic. Hot. Psychedelic. A Furious Hologram. A Space of Sounds. Droning Riffs. Garage Rawness. Shinny Surf Pop. Exploring Vocals. Feedback and Noise. CAPSULA.

The trio has returned with their sophomore album and sonic masterpiece, In The Land of Silver Souls (Krian Music Group).

Capsula’s Martin Guevara (vocals/guitar) and Coni Duchess (vocals/bass), along with Capsula drummer, Nacho, collectively create the musical storm, a whirlwind of psychedelic wonder and punk rock fury. Their music roars with a combination of garage rock toughness and modern style that have earned them a wide range of comparisons from The Stooges and The Pixies to Sonic Youth and David Bowie.

Although the band now lives in Bilbao, Spain, all three were born in Argentina.  Martin and Coni’s creative process was largely affected by living through the Argentinean dictatorship. A time when the censoring of music’s most fundamental subjects- love, sex, justice, revolution, drugs- created an atmosphere in which subversive lyrical and musical expression was a necessity. You don’t have to understand every lyric of a Capsula song to capture the unbound emotion of their dirty rock.

Their first single “Hit ‘n’ Miss” kicks off with a classic garage rock riff, before Martin rips into a Bowie-esque tale about the rise and fall of those seeking fast stardom in the big city.

Listen: Capsula – “Hit ‘n’ Miss”

Capsula will be touring the US in 2012, following their third SXSW showcase, on Thursday March 15. Witnessing Capsula live is an experience not easily forgotten, as they tear though blistering washes of guitar and pounding rhythms delivered with the true essence of punk rock attitude, garnering a great deal of acclaim from Rolling Stone, Wired Magazine and The Chicago Tribune among others.

Their sneering rock and roll attitude may suggest they don’t care if you like their music or not, but after one listen to In The Land of Silver Souls, it’s going to be hard not to. Deep grooving rhythms and wailing guitars are ever present as the band shifts between blazing riffs, spacey exploration, shimmering walls of sound and thick catchy vocal melodies.

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