Download: T.T.L. “Deep Shadow” from The Hunger Games Trailer

T.T.L.’s “Deep Shadow” has been transfixing the public ever since the trailer for the eagerly anticipated film “The Hunger Games,” started airing. The trailer uses the instrumental version of the song, which quickly became a sensation in the film’s fan community.

T.T.L. is a duo formed by new-wave princess Tying Tiffany and Italian electronic producer and composer Lorenzo Montanà. Tiffany’s latest single “Drownin’” from the upcoming album Dark Days White Nightsis featured on FIFA 12, and her songs have also been used on CSI.  Lorenzo Montanà has recently collaborated with Pete Namlook working on an ambient music series called Labyrinth. They have partnered with the innovative label ZerOKilled Music.

ZerOKilled Music – founded by artist/producer Costanza Francavilla – is an NYC-based record label, publishing company, music production and licensing agency representing cutting-edge artists and composers for Film, TV, Advertising, and Video Games. It’s a collective of music lovers based on a DIY with a taste for the evocative and experimental sounds. Their catalog features electronic artists from all over the globe – especially from the European underground scene – rangingfrom ambient to industrial, from forward-thinking pop to avant-garde music. ZerOkilled Music’s aim is to put the far-out sounds of tomorrow within reach and to help create projects that are unmistakably memorable, effective and unique. ZerOKilled artists have their music featured in cult TV shows such as CSI, The L Word, TV ad campaigns such as Cadillac, and movie trailers including Coriolanus, Battleship and The Hunger Games.

Download: T.T.L. – Deep Shadow



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