Download: Baby Monster – “City of Lovers”

Baby Monster is preparing to release a brand new organically grown collection of tracks by duo Daniel Sternbaum and Marty Larson Xu. Written simultaneously from different cities, the grinding beats and airy vocals of the City of Lovers EP produce a summer-ready ethereal atmosphere which reflects the tension between the duo’s varying perceptions of both the metropolitan and natural environments. Known for their popular remixes for Gorillaz, Ellie Goulding and Foster The People among others, Baby Monster will release the City of Lovers EP on June 5. Opening the record is title track “City of Lovers” a summery track with layered vocals over booming synths which seamlessly leads into “Hitchhiker” a song lead by heavy bass and handclaps and distorted vocals. “The General of Hot Desire” turns up the heat peppered with twinkling reggae-infused beats and tambourine, breaking into a climactic chorus of voices.

Hailing jointly from California and Oregon, Baby Monster’s previous releases include the singles Ultra Violence and Beethoven, and She Comes Alive, as well as their self-titled debut LP Baby Monster released in June of 2011.

Download: Baby Monster – “City of Lovers”


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