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Check ‘Em Out: Automagik

Automagik is a five-piece rock n’ roll outfit from Cincinnati, OH. With a sound inspired by the sunshine-y tones of the Beach Boys, the grizzly groove of the Gorillaz, and the upbeat party pop of Weezer, Automagik aims to arouse feelings of pure candy-coated jubilation and fuel all-night parties of the piñata-smashing variety. Since it’s inception at the end of 2010, the band has made great strides, seeing a few of their signature tunes featured in television programs such as MTV’s Battle of the Exes and ABC’s Rookie Blue, as well as being featured in two levels of the All-Nighters “Pokemon Snap” inspired iPod/iPhone app called “Rock Photographer.” With a new album nearing completion and a tour currently underway, Automagik is hard at work providing the essential soundtrack to anyone’s good time.

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Download: Baby Monster – “Hitchhiker”

Baby Monster is duo Daniel Sternbaum and Marty Larson Xu, who are known for their popular remixes for Gorillaz, Ellie  Goulding, and Foster The People. They crafted their new EP, City of Lovers, (which was just released on Tuesday!) separately  but simultaneously from two different cities. The result is a  collection of tracks full of grinding  beats and airy vocals that set an ethereal, summer-ready tone.

Download: Baby Monster – “Hitchhiker”

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Download: Baby Monster – “City of Lovers”

Baby Monster is preparing to release a brand new organically grown collection of tracks by duo Daniel Sternbaum and Marty Larson Xu. Written simultaneously from different cities, the grinding beats and airy vocals of the City of Lovers EP produce a summer-ready ethereal atmosphere which reflects the tension between the duo’s varying perceptions of both the metropolitan and natural environments. Known for their popular remixes for Gorillaz, Ellie Goulding and Foster The People among others, Baby Monster will release the City of Lovers EP on June 5. Opening the record is title track “City of Lovers” a summery track with layered vocals over booming synths which seamlessly leads into “Hitchhiker” a song lead by heavy bass and handclaps and distorted vocals. “The General of Hot Desire” turns up the heat peppered with twinkling reggae-infused beats and tambourine, breaking into a climactic chorus of voices.

Hailing jointly from California and Oregon, Baby Monster’s previous releases include the singles Ultra Violence and Beethoven, and She Comes Alive, as well as their self-titled debut LP Baby Monster released in June of 2011.

Download: Baby Monster – “City of Lovers”

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Highly Anticipated: A New 3 Artists. 1 Song. Collab

A range of four exclusive Gorillaz-inspired Chuck Taylors, plus the next installment of the Converse ‘3 Artists. 1 Song’ project, featuring the assorted talents of Gorillaz, Andre 3000 of Outkast and James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem/DFA Records.
Their track “DoYaThing” will be available for free via www.converse.com on February 23rd, with a brand new brain-melting Gorillaz video directed by Jamie Hewlett following on February 29th.

Murdoc says:

“I like the whole Three Artists. One Song idea. Gorillaz are all about collaboration, aren’t we, so it seemed like a perfect fit”.

Check out what else Murdoc had to say here. It’s pretty entertaining and don’t worry, contrary to some worry on part of the commenters, Murdoc isn’t going to die.

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Newest Love: The Japanese Popstars

New album Controlling Your Allegiance out June 21

The Japanese Popstars – Gary Curran, Declan ‘Decky Hedrock’ McLaughlin and Gareth Donoghue – may have been together for just four years, but they’ve carved out a reputation to rival the biggest names in dance music as a must-see live act and purveyor of raucous, foot-stomping, energetic electronic dance music. In the two years since their debut album We Just Are dropped on Gung-Ho! (UK), they have played major market dates in the U.S. including Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Electric Daisy Carnival in LA, played in Australia, across Europe and, of course Japan – a place that’s especially taken them to their hearts.

The band has also made a name for themselves as sought after remixers, having notched up their own inimitable re-rubs for luminaries such as Beyonce, Depeche Mode, Gorillaz and Kylie Minogue. In keeping with this proud tradition, The Japanese Popstars were also featured in the Tron Remix album, Tron: Legacy Reconfigured with their take on Daft Punk‘s Arena.

But it’s Controlling Your Allegiance, that’s the real leap forward as this is The Japanese Popstars first use of vocalists on an album.  And they didn’t pick just any old session singers either…  Wonder why the track “Take Forever” sounds like The Cure? That’s because the trio has enlisted collaborations from top notch artists such as Robert Smith (The Cure), Lisa Hannigan, Jon Spencer (of Blues Explosion), Tom Smith (The Editors), Green Velvet,  Morgan Kibby, M83 and Ireland’s James Vincent McMorrow.

I’m not sure what this video is really about…and I’m not sure what that creature is. All I know is that I felt bad for it while watching…it sort of made me sad. Quite an odd video.

Anyhow, you’ll like them if you’re a fan of Depeche Mode and Gorillaz.

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Newest Love: Erland & The Carnival

Erland & The Carnival: vocalist Erland Cooper, drummer David Nock (producer and engineer for The Orb, Paul McCartney, David Gilmour), and guitarist Simon Tong (former member of The Good the Bad & the Queen, The Verve and now guitar-for-hire for Gorillaz), recorded their forthcoming album, Nightingale, in a small, dank studio.  

Erland & The Carnival’s debut North American full-length album, Nightingale, will be released March 29th on Full Time Hobby/Yep Roc. The band plays SXSW in March.

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