Newest Love (+ download): The Dig

New York City’s rock band The Dig will release their new album Midnight Flowers on May 29th via Buffalo Jump Records. In celebration, they’re hosting three record release shows in DC, NYC, and Chicago. In July they will move to Los Angeles by popular demand and return for a residency at Silverlake Lounge after playing their successful shows with Ben Kweller last month. The band is proud to lend their single to Turn the Tide: Songs for “Last Call at the Oasis” a companion chartity album to the new film Last Call at the Oasis in support of the global water crisis alongside 20 unreleased exclusive tracks from artists including Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds, Alabama Shakes, My Morning Jacket and more.

Listen/Download: The Dig – “I Already Forgot Everything You Said”

The Dig’s sound has been developing ever since the band’s two singers Emile Mosseri and David Baldwin started making music together when they were eleven years old.  After meeting California native Erick Eiser, the three songwriters have been writing tunes and playing in different bands since they were 16 years old. Anchored by sharp guitars, a woozy synth backdrop and airtight vocal harmonies, the new album Midnight Flowers is produced by Bryce Goggin (Pavement, The Apples In Stereo, Swans, Antony & The Johnsons) and it recalls styles ranging from T. Rex to Brian Eno to The Everly Brothers. Leading up to the release of Midnight Flowers, The Dig have pressed a limited number of cassette tapes containing the album’s first two singles, “Red Rose In The Cold Winter Ground” and “I Already Forgot Everything You Said.” 

“Even though it takes us about 15 minutes to make each individual cassette, which is done using an old boom box in the back of our van between shows, we like the idea of having the songs that we recorded using analog tape machines available on cassette.  For any of our fans that have moved on from 1995, each cassette comes with a digital download.”

Following their acclaimed 2010 debut, Electric Toys, The Dig amassed a passionate national following with magnetic live performances touring with the likes of Portugal. The Man, The Antlers, and The Walkmen. The band began writing new songs on the road and back home in New York between tours. The new songs reflect a rich sense of lyricism in “Red Rose in the Cold Winter Ground” and “Glass Horse” while thrumming with a charged pop sensibility in “All Tied Up” and “Break the Silence.”  When we were writing “I Already Forgot Everything You Said,” guitarist and vocalist David Baldwin recalls, “We had just gotten off the road with The Antlers and we were listening to a lot of Bob Dylan’s Time Out of Mind.  I think those influences found their way into that song particularly. But really the songs on this album are personal.”

The Dig are:

  • David Baldwin (Guitar/Vocals)
  • Emile Mosseri (Bass/Vocals)
  • Erick Eiser (Keyboards/Guitar)
  • Mark Demiglio (Drums)

The Dig – Midnight Flowers track listing:

  1. Red Rose in the Cold Winter Ground
  2. Black Water
  3. I Already Forgot Everything You Said
  4. All Tied Up
  5. Hole In My Heart
  6. Animal Screams
  7. Break The Silence
  8. Police Car
  9. Clouds and The White Noise
  10. Glass Horse

The Dig live:

  • 5/19: Washington, DC @ The Dunes (TICKETS)
  • 5/25: Brooklyn, NY @ Glasslands (TICKETS)
  • 5/31: Chicago, IL @ Schubas (TICKETS)
  • 6/16: Philadelphia, PA @ North Star Bar
  • 7/11: Los Angeles, CA @ Silverlake Lounge
  • 7/18: Los Angeles, CA @ Silverlake Lounge
  • 7/25: Los Angeles, CA @ Silverlake Lounge


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