Interview: Youngblood Hawke

Youngblood Hawke has a shiny brand new self-titled debut EP out TODAY! The quintet’s anthemic new single “We Come Running” is iTunes’ official Single Of The Week and is available for a FREE download.

Click here to go download it.

You can also buy the EP here.

MA: What do you think about the success of “We Come Running”?

YBH: It’s unexpected!  We felt really close to the song and knew people would connect with it on some level, but the response has been overwhelming!  We couldn’t be happier with how people are responding!

MA: What’s the first thing you want to do when the debut EP is released? (That’s TODAY!)

YBH: Sit in the sun for a second… open a beer, deep breath.  Drink it.  Chill out for like 15 more minutes, then head back into the studio and keep writing!  Can’t stop!

MA: What’s been your summer theme song?

YBH: Brett Dennen – Must be Losing My Mind.  Soul and bass grooves for days.

MA: I just interviewed your labelmates The Royal Concept. Do you know their song, “Gimme Twice”?

YBH: Sounds rad!  Just listened!  Picked up on the Phoenix influence.  Solid jam!

MA: What’s your favorite food to eat in a hurry?

YBH: Fast food?  Um, those Natural Valley nature bars.  Oat’s N Honey booooy!

MA: What are you most looking forward to right now? (It can be anything; something in the next hour, the next few days, weeks, years…)

YBH: I most looking forward to traveling.  Im so anxious to get out there and start playing for different crowds.  See new things!  Meet new people!  Also, I’m going to Subway in about 17 minutes.

MA: What’s your next goal…no matter how big or small?

YBH: My next goal is to chase down and shatter Usain Bolt’s 100m world record.

MA: What song from your new album do you think fans will love the most (that hasn’t been heard yet)?

YBH: I can’t wait for people to hear “Dreams” or “Apache Heart.”  Haven’t locked in a name yet.  It shows a different side of us.  Its funky, eery, dancy and has an surprise guest feature!


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