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Interview + BRAND NEW: Radio On


Radio On is a brand new band based in London. They just put out their first track, “Don’t Wait” (listen below) and I am definitely liking it. It makes me think of high school…prom…things of that nature. Molly Ringwald would love it, too. Wild Honey Pie also debuted the track a few weeks ago. You can check that out, here

I had a short interview (2 questions) with James from Radio On:

MA: Who all makes up Radio On and how did you come to be?
J: We are Adam, Alex, James and Sam. Some of us are from Lancaster and some of us are from Scotland and we met in London. Radio On started in late 2013. 

MA: (After he told me that their name comes from a film they love) “If you don’t mind my asking, what is the film that your name comes from?”
J: The film Radio On is an incredible piece of work that a lot of people seem to have overlooked. It was one of the things we bonded over!



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Interview: Heavy Glow

Who is Heavy Glow, and why are you guys the next big thing in rock?
Heavy Glow is a rock AND roll band. Plain and simple. We’re about being loud and soft. We’re about being heavy and loud but with a sensual swagger. It’s primitive swagger. We’re Heavy and we’re glow…
I think there’s a great future for us because we’re real. We put out music that moves us first. If it doesn’t move us then we assume it won’t move anyone else. Every song means something to us. There’s no gimmicks really. It’s a group of guys playing raw, honest music with substance. Hopefully it’s fun for everyone along the way.

What made you decide to play 70’s style rock and roll?
I don’t think there was ever a conscious decision to play any particular style of music. We play what moves us. Rock moves us and the best rock tends to come from artists with a 60s and 70s flair. To me it’s about using the language of rock music and making your own sound…which is what we’re looking to do.

Any albums/projects on the horizon?
Absolutely! We’ll be releasing our follow-up album early next year. No title as of yet. We spent the summer working with Michael Patterson and Nic Jodoin couped up in an L.A. studio. Michael is pretty well-known and has worked with Beck on “Midnite Vultures,” Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Trent Reznor etc. Nic is a recording genius. He’s currently working on the new Black Rebel Motorcycle Club album. Super excited. 10 new songs. They have an air of very confident energy…It was a very emotive and physically demanding album to record.

Any tours/shows we should be on the lookout for?
Yes we’ll be doing a West Coast Tour from L.A. to Seattle and back in January. We’ll be hitting up as many cities along the way as possible. Putting out a single on vinyl…probably 10″ so we’ll be promoting that on the tour. It’s really a “buy it at the show only” kinda thing.

Got any shout outs? Where can we find you?
Hi Mom. Just joking…Come say hi on our facebook. facebook.com/heavyglowband
Fun to chat with fans all over the world on that there Internet.
If we’re not there we’re probably watching B movies and thinking of Jameson…sometimes at the same time:)

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Interview: The Royal Concept

Check out this interview with Swedish band The Royal Concept, who released their self-titled EP in June via Lava/Universal Republic and has a full-length album due out in October. They’re also touring in October and November with Wolf Gang.

MA: What song is the most played on your iPods?

TRC: Up until yesterday we all thought Jimi Hendrix was the god of rock guitar but then we saw St Vincent and now her song Cruel is constantly on our iPods.

MA: What chore do you hate the most?

TRC: Sneaking our guitars on board planes as carry on luggage.

MA: Are you attending any festivals soon? (Whether performing or just going to hang out)

TRC: We’re at one now actually! Europe’s best festival: Way Out West in a beautiful park in Gothenburg, Sweden. We’re actually playing ourselves. It’s a small independent festival with some other bands including, Kraftwerk, Black Keys, Blur, Bon Iver.

MA: If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

TRC: In the small and beautiful mountain village in Croatia called Groznjan. Filip is born in that neighbourhood and its the most inspiring place on Earth.

MA: Do you ever read any music blogs? If so, how do you pick which ones?

TRC: Our relationship with music blogs is random. It can lead anywhere. From big blogs to the tiniest ones. We have the blogs to thank for our success so far.

MA: What’s your favorite music media outlet? (TV, radio, shows, magazines, etc. and which ones?)

TRC: Is internet an option? Other than that old radios, vintage magazines, Spotify and all kinds of app’s. We almost never watch TV, honestly. 

MA: What’s the first concert you went to?

TRC: David saw Joe Zawinul, the father of synthesizers, when he was really young and he’s still talking about that show. So that’s gotta be the one. Zawinuls band Weather Report is a huge inspiration for us when it comes to sounds, so please check that out if you haven’t heard it before.

MA: Oddest food combination that you love? (Everyone has one!)

TRC: Yellow pea soup, mustard, pork, dried Thyme and Arrak Punch – believe it or not this is a Swedish speciality that you eat on Thursdays.

MA: Do you believe in past lives? If so, what do you think your life was like before this?

 TRC: 50 % of the band believes and 50 % only hopes. But as we don’t remember any past life, we probably won’t remember this life in a next life, so whats the point really. Let’s say we were Marilyn Monroe , Greta Garbo, Grace Kelly and Rita Hayworth then, that would explain a few things.

MA: What’s going to be your next big purchase?

TRC: A Jaguar probably, gotta get that real quick. And we also need some strings and band aid for the road, so we’re saving for that first.

The Royal Concept and Wolf Gang Tour Dates:
1 Los Angeles, CA Troubadour
2 San Diego, CA Casbah
6 Portland, OR Doug Fir
7 Seattle, WA Crocodile
10 Salt Lake City, UT Urban
11 Denver, CO Hi Dive
12 Colorado Springs, CO Black Sheep
14 Kansas City, MO Record Bar
15 Minneapolis, MN Varsity
16 Chicago, IL Lincoln Hall
18 St. Louis, MO Blueberry Hill
20 Columbus, OH A & R
22 Toronto, ON Wrong Bar
24 Providence, RI Met Café
25 Boston, MA Brighton Hall
27 Washington, DC U Street
28 Philadelphia, PA Union Transfer
29 Pittsburgh, PA Stage AE
30 Brooklyn, NY Cameo

1 New York, NY Santos Party House
3 Charlotte, NC Stage Door
4 Atlanta, GA Vinyl
5 Birmingham, AL Workplay
7 Houston, TX Fitzgeralds
8 Dallas, TX Trees
9 Austin, TX Parish

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Interview: Youngblood Hawke

Youngblood Hawke has a shiny brand new self-titled debut EP out TODAY! The quintet’s anthemic new single “We Come Running” is iTunes’ official Single Of The Week and is available for a FREE download.

Click here to go download it.

You can also buy the EP here.

MA: What do you think about the success of “We Come Running”?

YBH: It’s unexpected!  We felt really close to the song and knew people would connect with it on some level, but the response has been overwhelming!  We couldn’t be happier with how people are responding!

MA: What’s the first thing you want to do when the debut EP is released? (That’s TODAY!)

YBH: Sit in the sun for a second… open a beer, deep breath.  Drink it.  Chill out for like 15 more minutes, then head back into the studio and keep writing!  Can’t stop!

MA: What’s been your summer theme song?

YBH: Brett Dennen – Must be Losing My Mind.  Soul and bass grooves for days.

MA: I just interviewed your labelmates The Royal Concept. Do you know their song, “Gimme Twice”?

YBH: Sounds rad!  Just listened!  Picked up on the Phoenix influence.  Solid jam!

MA: What’s your favorite food to eat in a hurry?

YBH: Fast food?  Um, those Natural Valley nature bars.  Oat’s N Honey booooy!

MA: What are you most looking forward to right now? (It can be anything; something in the next hour, the next few days, weeks, years…)

YBH: I most looking forward to traveling.  Im so anxious to get out there and start playing for different crowds.  See new things!  Meet new people!  Also, I’m going to Subway in about 17 minutes.

MA: What’s your next goal…no matter how big or small?

YBH: My next goal is to chase down and shatter Usain Bolt’s 100m world record.

MA: What song from your new album do you think fans will love the most (that hasn’t been heard yet)?

YBH: I can’t wait for people to hear “Dreams” or “Apache Heart.”  Haven’t locked in a name yet.  It shows a different side of us.  Its funky, eery, dancy and has an surprise guest feature!

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Interview: Walk Off The Earth

I got a chance to have some burning questions answered by the band, Walk Off The Earth, who recently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to perform their cover of Gotye‘s “Somebody I Used To Know,” (which I posted a few weeks ago, but in case you haven’t seen it…here it is).

And here’s their performance on Ellen:

Walk Off The Earth is made of 5 people: Gianni, Marshall, Taylor, Joel and Sarah. So, with out further adieu, here we go:

MA: How did the 5 of you come together?
Sarah: 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 5!  Voila!  That’s us!

MA: Any story behind the name ‘Walk Off The Earth’?
Gianni: The band name we liked because when we make music we want it to take people away from the everyday.  We want people to walk off the earth and in to the happiest place in their minds. 

MA: Favorite activities (besides Ceiling Kicking)?
Sarah: Throwing instruments, jumping on trampolines, singing, making music and dancing.

MA: Favorite TV shows, past or present?
Sarah: The Muppet Show.

MA: Weird superstitions you use or abide by?
Sarah: I make wishes in to those fluffy flowers in the summer and blow them in to the air genuinely believing they will come true as long as no one else wishes on that one.

MA: If you weren’t making music, what would you be doing?
Sarah: Making other music.  I don’t know.  I teach yoga as well. 

MA: Taylor, do you love the ‘Epic Beard Guy’ persona? AND, do you have and wear the tee shirt?
Taylor: Um…well I guess it’s alright.  I don’t wear the shirt but I know some people do enjoy it from time to time. 

MA: Where would you like to be in 3 years time?
Sarah: Playing a rock show in outer space.

MA: Favorite thing Ellen said to you last week?
Sarah: “Well it’s a good thing you don’t play ukelele.”

MA: Plans you have going down in the next 2 weeks?
Gianni: We are writing and recording a bunch of new stuff.  Releasing a couple new videos and songs! 

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Interview with Adam Wills of Bear in Heaven

Last year I heard “Lovesick Teenagers” and was immediately in awe with Brooklyn’s Bear in Heaven. They were mysterious to me. Then, I started to see their name everywhere. Here’s my “I’m gonna open your brain and look inside (sort of)” interview with one of the first members of Bear in Heaven, Adam Wills.

Heather Frazier: I see you’re touring Australia next February? How cool!

Adam Wills: I know.

HF: Any cities or venues in particular that you’re most excited about?

AW: All of them. It’s the other side of the world, and it’s cool that we get to go play music there. I’ve never been, I remember my mom went for like a month when I was a little kid, and so she brought me back a picture and a boomerang. (laughs) But YEAH, I’m meeting up with a handful of friends from Australia that are here in NY that are nuts. They’re kind of notorious partiers, the Australians. We are also going in the middle of their summer, so it’s gonna be great to leave frigid NY.

Click here to read the rest of the interview at Pop Damage.

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Straight From the Source: Free Energy’s “Bang Pop” Video

I touched on the subject of Free Energy and their video a couple times. I had also posted a blast informing you guys that the audition was at Urban Outfitters in Philly. Well, Pitchfork conducted an interview with the director of the video for “Bang Pop,” Josh Nussbaum.

Here’s a short excerpt, but click here for the entire article (and to watch the video).

Pitchfork: This is obviously a super fun video. Was it fun to make? Or was it hard to wrangle all those people to look like they were having fun?

JN: I kept promising myself that I was going to have fun making the video. This was the mantra that I would repeat every morning. By nighttime, I needed to remind myself that I should be having fun with it. It was a huge challenge. The casting was left until two or three days before the shoot. At a certain point, I just had to put the casting into God’s hands. We shot on the week of the ash cloud, so I lost a couple key members of my crew, and I ended up taking a lot of that responsibility on myself. The creative process of making the video was incredibly fun, but my personal expectations that are so high that I’m constantly having to remind myself to have a good time.

Pitchfork: Why are there so many bubbles in the video?

JN: The bubbles were a momentary inspiration in my first meeting with the production designer. I was just trying to intimidate him by creating an impossible list of requests. I probably said, “Oh, and of course there’s gotta be bubbles the whole time”. So I was very pleased when I showed up and there were bubbles the whole time. 

Pitchfork: In the hallway scene, Evan Wells, the band’s bass player, is doing all these wheelchair tricks. How many times did he fall down?

JN: Evan is just really good. In fact, he didn’t fall once. Half of my directions in that scene were to him because he was at the front of the scene. I really wanted him to fall; I thought that would be great for the video. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. He did give it his all, he just didn’t fall. The wheelchair was supposed to have fireworks shooting off it, but there were a lot of small to large pyrotechnics– as well as all sorts of nudity and drug references– that were at some point slated for the script, but fell by the wayside.

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The Presidents of the United States of America: No, not Abe or George; not JFK or FDR. I’m talking about Chris Ballew, Jason Finn and Andrew McKeag. They’re the guys that sing “Peaches” and “Lump.” Ah, now you remember, right? The band formed in 1993 and has put out 6 albums in 13 years. Their last album, These Are the Good Times, was released last March. Andrew took a few minutes of his time the other day to chat on the phone with me.

HF: Andrew, hey! Is this a good time, do you have a couple minutes to talk?

AM: Absolutely, I’m just driving, so if you hear me cursing then you’ll understand why.

HF: That’s fine, where ya headed?

AM: You know what, it’s really boring. I’m going home and I’m going to mow the lawn.

HF: Ah, lovely! Let’s see here, what are you guys working on right now, anything? You’re on tour aren’t you?

AM: No, we’re at home right now for about a week, and then we go out to the Southeast to do some shows and then we’re kind of not really touring. We’re just going to be doing a couple things here and there throughout the summer.

HF: That’s cool. So, what’s your favorite song to play on stage?

AM: My favorite song to play on stage, it’s probably…I don’t know, I like to play “Body” and I like to play “Kick Out the Jams” a lot.

HF: Nice. Nice.

AM: Actually, they’re all fun to play, you can’t go wrong.

HF: What would you say is the difference between your audiences now, than it was back in the mid-90s?

AM: You know, surprisingly…well actually, it’s probably a bit smaller, but as far as the makeup of the crowd, there’s not much difference. I mean, I’ve only been with the band for around 5 years, but back then, the crowd was a bunch of college kids and kids aged 15-25. It’s kind of the same now with the exception of some 40-year olds that are hanging out towards the back, with a few exceptions; some of them are in the front. But, it somehow carried, somehow our first record, there were 8 year olds that were into it, and now those 8 year olds are 22.

HF: Yeah. (Laughs) That’s pretty cool, though. And I know that you didn’t join the band until around ’04, but I read a little bit about the origins for “Peaches” and for “Lump” and I wanted to ask if there was a story behind the “Kitty” song?

AM: Ah, you know, somebody just asked me that yesterday; not in an interview or anything, I think just like a friend of mine or something. But, Chris talked about it when we were on stage in Boston last week, and he wrote it in Boston when he was like 21 or something like that, I think. And um, I think it was about a girlfriend’s cat. It was just evil. He doesn’t write a lot of totally literal songs, but with this one, it’s pretty straight forward.

HF: Oh, that is funny!

AM: Yeah, that’s what it was. I think he just always tried to be nice to this cat, but this cat just wasn’t having it.

HF: What have you been listening to lately?

AM: Um…let’s see, you know the band Doves?

HF: Yeah!

AM: I really like them, and I’m a total rock guy. I don’t know, late 60s, early 70s, heavy hard rock guy at heart. But, then there’s this other side that I kind of dive into, which is more singer songwriter, sort of poppy, and that band in particular…I got their new record and then started working my way backwards, and it’s kind of a lot better. It’s better than Coldplay I think, you know? And then I went on YouTube and I saw that the singer is the bass player and he plays upside down, he plays left-handed and upside down. It made me like him even more. They have really good songs.

HF: Do you have a favorite song by Doves?

AM: I really like “Winter Hill”, which is a single off their new record.

HF: I like “There Goes the Fear.”

AM: Ahh. Yeah.

HF: Yeah, it’s a good one. So, what’s your craziest tour story with fans?

AM: Um, jeez…I don’t know. We’re such boring old men now. I mean, we’ve had weird times, but they’re so boring to talk about. But, we just played in Moscow and for some reason in Moscow, everything seems like, or just Russia in general, that everything there is a negotiation. So, whatever it is you need to do, at any given time, you have to ask your interpreter and negotiate with your interpreter about something you need. And then, he goes and talks to somebody, then they have to go talk to somebody…so you can imagine, with none of us speaking Russian. There’s no way to communicate. It made us all want to just unscrew our heads. But, as far as crazy tour stories…that’s for Motley Crue.

(Laughs from both of us)

AM: Ya know? (Laughs)

HF: (Laughing) Good answer, good answer.

HF: What would you say is your worst habit?

AM: Oh man. There’s so many to choose from. I’m just gonna be honest here, I have a bad tendency to say exactly how I feel about something, without any sort of advance consideration. It’s just, in the heat of the moment, and then immediately I go, “Oh no, that wasn’t good,” and then I have to do a bunch of backtracking. You know, like my own retractions.

HF: Yeah, yeah, just rewind a little bit.


AM: Yeah, exactly. Other than that, actually, now that I think about it, I don’t have any flaws.

HF: Oh! Well, great!

AM: Yeah.

HF: I aspire to be like that.

AM: Oh well, you know, you may get there someday, too.

HF: I hope so. So, what do you do on the weekends or on your down time?

AM: I have a couple kids and family that I devote time and energy to, and at home I have other bands that I play with, as well. I have Humble Pie cover band that’s periodically active. It’s a lot of fun; I just go out there and play full-on hard rock. And I have a band I’m in called The Black Panties that’s been really dormant for the last 3-4 years. But, we just kind of got it back up again. And other than cover bands, I also race old dirt bikes…sooo…there ya go!

HF: Oooooh. Have you ever gotten hurt?

AM: Yeah, it’s really fun.


HF: How old are your kids?

AM: They are 5 and 9.

HF: Oh, wow. What do they think about your music?

AM: They actually love it. Right now, in fact, my son, he’s going to be in a talent show at school coming up, and he really wants Jason and I to back him up. He wants to sing “Lump” which I can’t decide if that’s a really good idea or just a terrible idea.

HF: That’s awesome, I know what you mean, but that would be really cool…probably.

AM: He wants to, but the teacher sent us an e-mail the other day and says now that no adults or supporting players can be on the stage with the child during the show, so that kind of screws up our whole band idea. I don’t know, we’re going back to the drawing board tonight, see if we can come up with some other ideas. I suggested that I have him make fake balloon animals and I’ll make the sounds of the fake balloons being turned into animals. All you have to do is move your hand and say “dog.”


HF: That is talent.

AM: Yeah, Chris has ideas like that all day long, ‘cuz he actually is a child.

HF: That sounds really fun.

AM: It would be fun. (Makes balloon noises) Something like that.


HF: What is one word that you would use to describe each one of you?

AM: Well, uh…let me see…a word to describe Jason…I have to use his nickname which is Goldmember. And then, for Chris…uh….would child-like be a word?

HF: Yeah, that works.

AM: Yeah, alright! Not meant in a bad way at all, but in a very positive way.

AM: And, to describe myself, I don’t know, man! Um… (Laughs) I don’t know how to describe myself; you’d have to ask one of those guys! They could nail it, but I don’t know…enthusiastic?

HF: Oh! That’s a good one!

HF: Here’s one that’s off the beaten path, but what kind of stuff do you think about before you fall asleep? I know me; I just lay there and think about random stuff.

AM: Usually, I’ll lay there for awhile and I’ll find myself thinking about the weirdest stuff in the world, you know? Like, how do you make brownies and make all of the edges crunchy? Or, I’ll find myself somehow thinking about rebuilding a motorcycle in my mind. Then, I’ll be like, “Okay, what was I thinking about before that? Shit, I was falling asleep!” And then I just start the process all over again.

HF: Well, at least you’re not thinking about stressful things before you go to sleep.

AM: No, I might start with those things, and then successfully ignore them to the point where I’m thinking about bunny rabbits. Chris is a really good one to ask about that stuff because he’s well-versed and practiced in the art of relaxation. So he can take himself on these little journeys, he can almost control his dreams. He’s a gifted, strange man.

HF: Wow that sounds interesting.

AM: Yeah, I think he exists in the semi-conscious as often as possible. I think “Lump” came to him that way, he woke up and it was almost like that feeling in the Stones’ song “Satisfaction” with Keith Richards. He didn’t even remember recording the riff and woke up with the recorder next to the bed. That was kinda the “Lump” moment for him.

HF: Yeah, I read about that. The idea was from a dream he had or something.

AM: Yeah, exactly.

HF: So, people that aren’t really very familiar with your music…do they mistakenly think that you’re a huge politically-focused band?

AM: No, no…all you have to do is hear half of a song or you can look at one of our pictures of the band to know that’s not the case. I think it’s been an easy subject to kind of…approach early on. Now, it might just be one question out of many, like this. So, you run that risk. If you name your band Orange Balloons, people are going to ask you why. So, it’s okay, but we’ve done stuff before and have been asked to do things because of the name of the band. I think when the band was really popular back in the 90s there were some people in the government that really liked the band and I think it was these secret service guys that recognized them at dinner one time and invited them back to the White House. It was like, “Oh, look how cute, they named their band that. Let’s bring ‘em to the White House!”

HF: What about Sir Mix-a-Lot, I was surprised to hear that the band collaborated with him a little bit?

AM: Well, he’s a Seattle guy, too, for one. They knew one another and started collaborating after the band had sort of broken up in ’98. They started doing their thing called Subset, and there was some recording done, but nothing ever was released. And they toured. So they did stuff on the West Coast, mostly went back and forth playing Portland and Seattle and stuff. But, I don’t think it ever really went beyond that. It was cool though, they’d do a super rockin’ version of “Baby Got Back.”

HF: What about Weird Al? He must really like you guys. He did a parody of “Lump” in ’96 and directed your music video last year for “Mixed up S.O.B.” So, are you good friends with him?

AM: Yeah, we started off, well, the band started off in the 90s. Al always asks permission from artists before he does parodies of their songs. Chris and those guys were psyched. It was an honor. And so, they just really hit it off, they’re both wacky, but they’re really serious and super talented guys. They hit it off and stayed friends over the years. Three, maybe four years ago, we were on tour and we were gonna play in L.A. and I said “Chris, we should see if Al will get up and do “Gump” with us.” (Laughs) Then, they looked at Jason and then looked at each other and said, “Whoa! That never would have been suggested, but okay!” So, we did it! And it went awesome. Al was just out of his head on stage, he’s like doing these massive high kicks and floppin’ his hair all over the place, just completely went ballistic. I mean, it was really fun, and the crowd just loved it. ‘Cuz if you like the Presidents, you’re gonna be into Weird Al. It just…

HF: It just goes hand in hand.

AM: Yeah! So, then we finished this record and were coming up with some new ideas, and Chris was going to L.A. for vacation. Again, I was just like, “Hey, you know, Al directs videos for other bands, and we need to make a video. Why don’t we see, you know, go out to dinner and hang out and stuff and see if he’s interested.” So, sure as shit he was. But now we’re running out of ideas of what to do with Al so the last time we went to L.A., he got on stage and we did Boston’s “More Than a Feeling” all the way through, and he played a solo on the accordion. It’s on YouTube! You’ve got to check it out. He’s a really good guy.

HF: Have you ever played any of your songs on Rock Band 2?

AM: Poorly! Very poorly. Chris is really good at it, Jason’s pretty good, but I stunk it up big time. We were at some party all playing “Lump” and Chris got like, a 98%. Jason got an 85%. And I got a 42%.

HF: Oh, man!

AM: Don’t feel bad, my daughter is better than me at Guitar Hero, so it’s alright.

HF: Yeah, I’ve played it, it is pretty hard. Well, I think that’s about it, I won’t keep you.

AM: Yeah, I’d better get off the phone. I’m about to go through the cell phone black-out area. There’s only one place in Seattle where I drop calls and its right by my house.

HF: Well have fun mowing the lawn!

AM: I will, I’ll even do some weed-eating!

HF: Ooooh! Well, thanks for taking the time out to talk for a couple minutes.

AM: No problem, thanks so much. That was fun, lots of new and interesting questions, I like that.

HF: Good! I’m glad!

AM: Right on, take care!

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Yes, it is Colossal

Click here to check out my interview on Pop Damage with Utrillo Kushner from Colossal Yes.

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Skeletal Lamping

I don’t know about you, but I am excited about the new Of Montreal album that’s coming out this upcoming Tuesday (the 21st)!!!

And great news! You can pre-order it on Amie Street for just FIVE bucks!!!

And did you read the interview in Rolling Stone about Of Montreal’s frontman Kevin Barnes?! (It’s a must-read!)

Also check out their Skeletal Lamping review!

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