Interview: Heavy Glow

Who is Heavy Glow, and why are you guys the next big thing in rock?
Heavy Glow is a rock AND roll band. Plain and simple. We’re about being loud and soft. We’re about being heavy and loud but with a sensual swagger. It’s primitive swagger. We’re Heavy and we’re glow…
I think there’s a great future for us because we’re real. We put out music that moves us first. If it doesn’t move us then we assume it won’t move anyone else. Every song means something to us. There’s no gimmicks really. It’s a group of guys playing raw, honest music with substance. Hopefully it’s fun for everyone along the way.

What made you decide to play 70’s style rock and roll?
I don’t think there was ever a conscious decision to play any particular style of music. We play what moves us. Rock moves us and the best rock tends to come from artists with a 60s and 70s flair. To me it’s about using the language of rock music and making your own sound…which is what we’re looking to do.

Any albums/projects on the horizon?
Absolutely! We’ll be releasing our follow-up album early next year. No title as of yet. We spent the summer working with Michael Patterson and Nic Jodoin couped up in an L.A. studio. Michael is pretty well-known and has worked with Beck on “Midnite Vultures,” Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Trent Reznor etc. Nic is a recording genius. He’s currently working on the new Black Rebel Motorcycle Club album. Super excited. 10 new songs. They have an air of very confident energy…It was a very emotive and physically demanding album to record.

Any tours/shows we should be on the lookout for?
Yes we’ll be doing a West Coast Tour from L.A. to Seattle and back in January. We’ll be hitting up as many cities along the way as possible. Putting out a single on vinyl…probably 10″ so we’ll be promoting that on the tour. It’s really a “buy it at the show only” kinda thing.

Got any shout outs? Where can we find you?
Hi Mom. Just joking…Come say hi on our facebook.
Fun to chat with fans all over the world on that there Internet.
If we’re not there we’re probably watching B movies and thinking of Jameson…sometimes at the same time:)

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