Video: Total Warr – “Where Is My Mind?” (Pixies Cover)


French duo Total Warr formed when longtime friends Kiki and Guigui joined forces with the goal of creating fun, energetic pop songs. Since then, they’ve made their mark with a handful of singles and EPs that have earned praise from Stereogum, FADER, RCRD LBL, and more. Now, Total Warr is back with a new three-track EP that includes guest vocals from The Death Setand an electrically-charged Pixies cover. Packed with irresistible hooks and sing-along choruses, the Loisy EP will be released digitally on January 29th.

Total Warr’s “Where Is My Mind” (Pixies cover) turns the hit into a buzzing, beat-driven jam complete with a sample from “Empire State of Mind.” The video, which premiered with PAPER Magazine earlier today, builds from a simple live performance of the classic into an all out house party full of entertaining characters.

“Bambastard,” which features guest vocals from The Death Set’s Johnny Siera, opens the EP with a rich blend of electric guitar, synths, and layer upon layer of harmonies, all set to an infectious beat. “Always Me” slows things down with a swirling foundation of vocals and instrumentation that builds to an explosive climax.


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