New Track: Chromeo – “Over Your Shoulder”


Following Chromeo’s advance album trailer, a joyride through the desert, beautifully shot by Surface 2 Air, starring one bride, two grooms (Chromeo’s Dave 1 and P-Thugg) and a 1987 Camaro, Montreal’s reigning funkmasters unleash the full version of the clip’s music: “Over Your Shoulder”, the first new Chromeo song in three years! This superbly produced slice of Cana-disco serves as an ode to feminine self confidence and empowerment, with Dave 1 crooning: “it’s those little imperfections that make beauty in my eyes/ I want to be in the intersection of your thighs/ and you worry about your size it’s nonsense/ it’s not a contest and besides, if it was a contest you’d win it…“.  It’s quirky, it’s genuine, it’s outlandish and straight faced all at once…suffice to say, Chromeo is back!

Since 2010’s critically acclaimed Business Casual album, it seems that the world has caught up to the brand of 80s inspired electrofunk that Chromeo has diligently been crafting for almost ten years. Their upcoming White Women LP is certainly the group’s most ambitious, as it crystallizes their unique arch, high brow-low brow aesthetic. Filled with seven-minute synth jams, orchestral arrangements, more live instrumentation than ever before and of course, hilarious lyrics, White Women also sports Dave and Pee’s catchiest pop tunes to date. Stay tuned for the first official single, “Sexy Socialite”, dropping very soon.

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