Download: SWF – “Let It Be Told”


If you missed my post last month for SWF’s “Black & Golden”, be sure to check it out. Of the video, Impose Magazine says “The beach-side conquering-god-like-antics are what sell the song as you and ride to the tide of the song’s title verse. Kick it the sand and watch what might be your favorite song and video to rock beneath the sweltering beams of sun.”

Now, Brooklyn’s lo-fi rock & roll mystic SWF has shared a free download of “Let It Be Told,” the title track from his debut album, which see a vinyl/digital release October 8th through Mecca Lecca. From the fuzzed-out bass at the beginning, to the unforgettable hooks (and impassioned lyrics) throughout, “Let It Be Told” is truly representative of the feel-good nature of the album as a whole.

Listen/download: SWF – “Let It Be Told”

SWF’s messages of love and longing roll from his debut album, Let It Be Told, like mantras blasted from the radio of a brightly re-painted VW van, cruising a metaphysical highway of endless summer with the windows down. Revealed in both the spirit of light and darkness, Let It Be Told is a work of truth, love, and a heart that beats for rock & roll. It has a lot of soul.



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