Video: Secret Colours – “It Can’t Be Simple”


With the release of their new video “It Can’t Be Simple“, Secret Colours continue to build momentum toward their two releases due out this year in the form of Positive Distractions Part I and Positive Distractions Part II. Directed by Secret Colours’ bassist Eric Hehr, SPIN’s Kyle McGovern writes “the clip [“It Can’t Be Simple”] functions as a three-and-a-half-minute throwback to the days of vintage technology, when listening to vinyl was more than a simple affectation.”

Positive Distraction Part I will be released digitally on February 4, 2014 with Positive Distractions Part II being released digitally on April 29, 2014 to mark Secret Colours return to Texas for 2014’s Austin Psych Fest. Positive Distractions Part I Part II’s combined physical incarnation will be released on vinyl and cassette on April 29, 2014.
Secret Colours will be performing at SXSW and Austin Psych Fest in 2014.


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