New Music: Emperor Yes – “The End Of The World”


Power-trio Emperor Yes – London producer Ash Gardner along with Adam Betts of Three Trapped Tigers and Hugo Sheppard – release their latest single “The End Of The World” through Young And Lost Club, and herald of their approaching debut album.

An analogue anthem to the apocalypse, “The End Of The World” tells the tale of Earth-bound creatures submitting to fiery armageddon – set to a soundtrack of technicolor synthesiser riffs and heavenly harmonies. It’s how they would have wanted to go out.

Previous singles “Wasps” (“Sounds like a dream where the Unicorns and Yoshimi-era Flaming Lips collaborate with Summer Camp” – Pitchfork) and “Cosmos” (“a beast of a song, all gargantuan synth riffs and apocalypse-sized drums” – The Guardian) were similarly concerned with our own significance, connection to the bestial world and finding a place in the universe.

This trilogy of Emperor Yes singles have been appropriately visualised: “Wasps” was a paean to 80s VHS horror films and the “antpocalypse” (and subsequent revenge) was witnessed in “Cosmos” – both directed by video mega-lord Chris Boyle (Call of Duty, The Who, Dizzee Rascal, Warp). “The End Of The World” director Raul Gonzo (Enter Shikari, Thom Yorke, David Lynch) has the band playing a final house party as the world collapses around them, while guests act out roles of doomed animals.

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