Listen: Okapi Sun


“In an era defined by an encroaching feeling of malaise, this EDM cut avoids the genre’s growing pandering to bros and emotionally stilted upper middle class white girls… Okapi Sun have crafted an enjoyable, breezy listen with a seemingly minimalist depth and scope. Their background as classically trained musicians creates a fun interplay between true blue soulfulness and the id of partying.” — INDIE SHUFFLE

Phaedra Records announces the release of tribal dance-electronic pop duo Okapi Sun’s debut album Techno Prisoners. The album was produced by Ethan Allen (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) and Grammy winner Neal H. Pogue (Janelle Monae, Outcast). It is now available exclusively through Phaedra Records’ website (here).  

Listen: Okapi Sun – “Judy Baby”


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