Check ‘Em Out: The Adversary


Listen: The Adversary – “Ritual Dream”

Together with the electronic mastermind of Bill Laswell (Blur, DJ Spooky, Pet Shop Boys) and beats maker Q of XOQ (Afrika Bambaataa, Erasure), The Adversary releases Chapter Two: Ritual Dream on June 24.
Developed in 2012 by Andre Mistier (formerly of Ism) and producer Angelo Montrone (Matisyahu, Los Lonely Boys), The Adversary is a conglomeration of the sound and pulse of tech house music with the emotional intensity, connection of live musicians, and well crafted songs.

Mixing live, organic performances with modern digital production and technology, The Adversary creates electronic dance/pop that can’t be delivered by a DJ behind turntables. The combination of lights, costumes, special effects and interactivity has become a consistent theme and mind-blowing experience for audience members. The Adversary’s visual effects are striking, featuring LED wings and costumes which interact with the music.

Since The Adversary’s live debut at Burning Man 2013, the band has seen crowds grow from 100 people to nearly a thousand. These fans eagerly anticipates for The Adversary’s Chapter Two: Ritual Dream, out in June!


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