Free Download: Cashmere Cat – “With Me” (Infuze Remix)

Cashmere Cat

Listen/download: Cashmere Cat – “With Me” (Infuze Remix)

Continuing a ripping streak of success built off recent hits on the likes Firepower and SMOG Records, he’s put his hands to Cashmere Cat’s “With Me,” with a genre-be-damned, amped-up remix that bears Infuze’s unmistakable signature sound. Starting quiet and building to rapid crescendo, it’s the sort of flip that keeps the best bits about the original intact, while adding a feel to the track that can’t be matched by anyone else.  In a rapidly over-saturating market of “future” sounds, Infuze is sound for sore ears, producing what is really best described as his own style of bass music for a generation of heads wanting more out of the sound.

This Song Is Sick PREMIERE
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