Wanna Go On A Flashback Cruise?


Flashback Cruise’s 3-day getaway hosted by MTV’s Downtown Julie Brown will celebrate four decades of dance music and pop culture with world renowned live performers, DJs, comedians, TV stars, and guest chefs. There will also be a celebrity cook-off for the winner’s charity of choice in addition to a Charity:Water awareness campaign where a portion of the proceeds will be donated on behalf of Flashback Cruise’s bookings. Setting sail from Miami to the Bahamas, February 27 – March 2, 2015, Flashback Cruise is the only cruise of its kind to unite entertainers, producers, radio and TV personalities, guest chefs, and a charity on a single voyage.

Live performers and DJs announced include: Lime, TKA, George Lamond, France Joli, Judy Torres, 2 In A Room, Nicky Siano, George Morel, Anthony Acid, Hex Hector and Angel Moraes. Artists just added include: DJ Skribble, DJ Riddler, Denny Tsettos, Razor & Guido, Johnny Vicious, Maximus 3000, and Jonathan Peters. A final round of headliners and special guests will be announced in September. Combined, they will represent the full spectrum of dance music from its inception as disco to its evolution as house and its present renaissance as EDM.

Organized by veterans of nightclubbing’s golden eras, Flashback Cruise offers more than just a great weekend of dancing. It offers a complete experience. “This is a trip music lovers, foodies, and party people can afford and appreciate much more than other festivals and cruises, where you feel like cattle being herded,” says Flashback Producer Ryan Morales. “We are offering people 72 hours of non-stop fun and excitement for less than a third of that price. They will get the show of a lifetime.”

Flashback Cruise is also connecting with past and present through social media. Flashback Cruise’s Facebook Ticketing Engine keep costs down, and make it easier for vacationers to buy their tickets, build party buzz, brand recognition, and share the memories with their friends.

Cabins start at $699 USD per person. Reserve a cabin with this special discount by visiting:HERE and use promotional code FLASHBACK. Payment plans available.


Flashback Cruise is the only experience-focused dance music, food and comedy event on water. The three-night cruise will entertain guests with original live acts from some of the greatest DJs and performers in the genres of disco, house music, freestyle and techno from the late ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s.

Flashback Cruise was created by Ryan Morales, a native New Yorker, audio engineer, and member of BMI. Ryan has been DJing since 1989. He was a resident DJ at New York’s notorious Limelight while still a teenager, and his production credits include remixes for major artists like Bon Jovi. He has played at some of the largest music festivals in the world including Ultra, and at some of the biggest clubs in New York and Miami. Ryan launched Flashback Cruise in response to the negative changes in the nightlife industry. “I wanted to go back to good old days, when you weren’t just a dollar bill to some club owner.”


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