Newest Love: Max & The Electric


After endless discussions throughout 2013 and 2014 between duo James Stefanuto and Tom O’Reilly over whether Rick James or Neil Young would be better member of The Beach Boys – Max and The Electric was born.

Recorded and produced by Sam Ford (Abbe May, The Silents) at Tone City Studio in hometown Perth, the upcoming EP Lecteur Éponyme is a tribute to pop music, love songs, and the humble melody.

A beat-driven dancefloor-filling feast with a Moloko-inspired electro battleground of Fender vs Strat, debut single “City Lover” mixes a late Fleetwood Mac-style rhythmic verse with a driving groove-laden pop chorus. All this coming to your ears with a thematic purpose: their affection for love songs and their disdain for the fruitless flavour of lacklustre modern pop.

James Stefanuto (Max & The Electric): “When we sat down with the director (Robert W. Livings), we decided we wanted the video to encompass everything that has been popularised as “indie” in recent times and just mix that up with a bit of Tim & Eric style comedy strangeness and a Wes Anderson style and feel to the colours and frames. The video was shot over a Friday night through toSaturday afternoon with a budget of 400 dollars. $320 of which went on the slow motion camera. Do not try to make sense of the video otherwise your head will start to hurt. I’m pretty sure the cactus I ate for one of the shots was poisonous because my tongue felt really strange for the rest of the night. For the most part we hope that Lisa Curry doesn’t have to ever see this. Rob the director has been collecting VHS tapes nearly his whole life and needless to say ‘Lisa Curry’s Pregnancy Workout’ VHS wasn’t on the top of his list of videos to keep in the collection. Sorry Lisa Curry.”


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