Video: Jasia – “Safety”

This dark and haunting video focuses around a young boy holding onto a single seashell with loss in his eyes. Jumping from dark images of a man in a gas mask and images of the boy and his friend full of youth running free, it soon becomes apparent that this loss was his innocence. At the end of the video the boy places the shell, a symbol of simpler times, in the hand of his friend lying on the beach and walks away. This broken tale fully embodies the feeling of a blissful solitude and ties beautifully into the orchestral electronic sound of the track.

About Jasia:

Jasia is a 23 year old producer who was born in Jamaica, raised in the US and then moved to Australia at the age of 18. Having studied violin, guitar and voice classically while playing in variations of rock bands the style/genre henceforth is one of contrastingly minimal/maximal beat driven, melodic soundscape production utilising a range of electronic/synthesised, acoustic and traditional band instrumentation present in the forms of popular song and instrumental/experimental works accompanied with a visual interpretation by the artist.

The first single “Inverbatim” is a strings and synthesis heavy production that received acclaim and radio airplay by FBi, Triple J in Australia and overseas critically on a range of musical blogs. It was selected as a winner of Triple J Unearthed’s NIDA competition who also named it as one of “Five new genres created this year” styling as ‘orchestral dream-pop.’ Inverbatim is followed by “Safety”, a single utilising a contrastingly bass-heavy/ambient variation of traditional rock instrumentation and synthesisers over a cyclical vocal motif leading into a pseudo-electronic arena rock finale. The song was produced over the span of six months spent between London and Montana in the Rocky Mountains of the US. It is accompanied by an experimental electronic B-side entitled Lowlife. The release will be supported by debut live touring engagements across Australia.


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