New Music From Iglomat


“Great drama, enhanced by their ability to create lovely passages as well as jarring odd moments” – DC Rock Live

“There are deep, medicated grooves and purposefully rough patches. It’s the sort of record that reveals something different every time—circumstantial, temperamental, and yet somehow definitive.” – NME

After the success of “The Kelpies” project with filmmaker Walid Salhab and following the release of the “TicTac Toe” single, the 3rd Iglomat album is here and ready to drop on CD and download. Iglomat III is again another quality collection of bristling post rock electronica that is as melodious as it is “effortlessly cool”. 9 slices of musical sustenance that are as much “food for the soul” as they are “post rock perfection”. And as if to celebrate progression there are even some small forays from the instrumental path, with an energetic vocal performance on “Elgato Elgato” from 7-year-old Noah Macdonald followed by profoundly heart achingly subtle performances from Rachel Sermanni and Jennifer Austin on “King Of The Sun” and “No Place Like Home”.

Perhaps Iglomat’s main technical unit David Jack describes the album best; “Years ago when we first started on this exploration, Iglomat was just an idea and a couple of guitar lines floating around in cyberspace. Now as we’ve grown musically and with communication technology progressing exponentially, we can work as remotely and as freely as we like. Which means the music that we heard in our heads is as close to what comes out of the speakers as near as dammit. A recent review described us as a little bit like Goblin which made me laugh, as we try to be a lot like Goblin. So we must be getting close.”

About Iglomat:

Iglomat thrives in the transitional realm. The cross-continental recording project operates across landlines, highways, and hard drives – chronicling tales of distance and time. Such efforts would normally lose some spontaneity and urgency in the transfers. But consider Iglomat’s pedigree: producer David Jack, a beat chemist praised by no less authority than John Peel (just check his Peel Session) long-time collaborator and another Peel session veteran Scott MacDonald ; and acclaimed photographer Sandy Carson, whose narrative focus comes through as much on record as it does in print.





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