Check ‘Em Out: Galvanize

“The guitar is dirty, the drums are spontaneously combusting and the bass is thumping your skull in rhythmic time…this is Galvanize.” – Pancakes & Whiskey

Check out the Philadelphia and NYC-based techno-rockers Galvanize and their new music video for “Mess” from the forthcoming “Projector” EP, which is set to release in September 2015.

When I first started listening to this song, I’ll admit, I thought I was gonna “x” it out and move on. But, I pressed on — and after the first run through of the whole song, I was rocking out in my chair. Three more listens after that, I knew I had to share it! It reminds me a little bit of Bush, with that 90s grunge rock feel.

Galvanize is the techno-rock project of Peter Milos and session drummer Scott Frassetto who played in Moby’s band through the “Animal Rights”, “Play”, “18”, and “Hotel” album and tours.


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