Video: Nick Pes – “California”


This week Sydney singer, songwriter and producer Nick Pes is revealing the self-directed music video for his new single “California”, the first track to fall from his upcoming debut EP.

“The video for California is inspired by the works of David Lynch and California itself. I shot it on location in Los Angeles and around Yosemite – there are a few nods to Twin Peaks that tie in to the other worldly ness of the dreamland of California – I’ve tried to create a dreamscape with the synths and guitar in the the song itself, and the video is meant to be a continuation of that dreaminess. It’s less a narrative but more a series of vignettes. I wanted it to feel like someone had found an old video-tape that had been recorded over again and again – like a time capsule” – Nick Pes

“California” was written about Nick’s love for the “land of dreams”. He remembers first reading about the early European discovery of California, where explorers thought it was actually an island, and were attracted by stories of Amazonian women, pearls and gold.

While the single is mainly based on those ideals, it also has an underlying metaphorical meaning for a relationship; when you need to say goodbye to someone simply because the timing just isn’t right. The hope is that you never let go of one another, and that one day you will be together again.

A steady retro-fuelled beat drives the summery, nostalgic charm of “California”. Nick’s voice holds a warm calming presence as the song continues to flow with atmospheric indulgence, distant guitar whispers and golden showers of shimmering synth.

“California” delivers on its intentions of empowerment as it rewards you with the feeling of being ready to take on anything the world throws your way.


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