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Newest Love: Paradise Animals – “Monday Morning”


Monday morning I received an email from these guys…with their song “Monday Morning”!!! Coincidence. Nope. Not at all.

And this song is awesome!

The single is from the band’s LP Day Bed, and it’s their very first full length. The album was recorded and produced by the whole band in both Northern Ontario and Toronto.

From the band:
Day Bed is the place we go to rest in the daylight. A place where memories wash over us; a place where we pause and think about life. It’s a collection of songs that highlights the warmth and happiness of family and childhood, the heartbreak of relationships, and the randomness of social life in the 21st century.
Check out the video:
And look out for Day Bed on November 13th!

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Check ‘Em Out: KNTRLR


Shot in a Brooklyn warehouse at 4 a.m., the new video for “CCA” by electronic rock duo KNTRLR features snarling vocals and swift-kicking drums from KNTRLR members Michael Henry and Charles Davis as well as a fast-paced chase between trained fighters J. Parker Wood and Andrew Chaffee.

KNTRLR may be an electronic production duo, but it contains the kinetic energy that can only come from humans beating on instruments. Live they play with friends they know from the NY music scene who help fill out the sound and provide an energy you can’t get with samples streaming out of a laptop.

Also, have a listen to “Stab” below. It’s quite a cool down from the adrenaline rush of “CCA”.

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