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Download: Dimond Saints – “Apex”


Listen/download: Dimond Saints – “Apex”

Here’s another track for ya from the Hunters Moon EP from Dimond Saints. This time, Dimond Saints take their craft to a whole new level on “Apex”.

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4th Single From Dimond Saints Hunters Moon EP


Listen/download: L A Y L A – “Weightless” ( Dimond Saints ) Remix

Dimond Saints and L A Y L A merge effortlessly in this stunning rendition of Weightless. L A Y L A draws you in immediately with her beautiful yet powerful vocals that loom majestically over the music. Wiith a solid foundation of spacial beats and warm undertones that combine with one of the most infectious choruses, this one will have you singing with her before the end of the first of play. Dimond Saints has done it again with this futurist take of L A Y L A that is sure to be an instant classic!

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Dimond Saints Release 3rd Single From Hunters Moon EP


Listen: Dimond Saints – “Hunters”

Out of the shadows and with steady aim, Dimond Saints release the formidable “Hunters”. A hulking beast of a song that twists and turns on the drop of a dime. “Hunters” uses dark yet empowering vocal manipulation, combined with the multiple bass & rhythm shifts, with crisp futuristic production the Saints are becoming known for.

“Hunters” is the 3rd song from the Hunters Moon EP. Which is the Second chapter from the Shingetsu Album.

Here are the previous 2 songs:

Dimond Saints


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Second Single Released From Dimond Saints

Dimond Saints 1

On Sept. 24, under the blackness of the moon, Dimond Saints released the first single from Hunters Moon, “Stop Time” . With each phase of the moon, a new single is born, until the second installment of Dimond Saints album is complete.

The  second single, “MidNight”, maintains a dreamy melodic presence throughout, yet manages to break free and twist and shift in all the right places. The Dimond Saints craft is really shining bright on “MidNight”, with crystal clear production and a lot of dynamics, that makes this a must have for any connoisseur of Future Bass music.

Dimond Saints is the new project of, An-Ten-Nae and Releece. Their grand romance with making music, pushing its boundaries, and innovative use of vocals, is garnering attention from A&R Reps and media outlets alike.

Dimond Saints’ recent  remix of “LAYLA” effortlessly levitated itself to #1 on Hypem, making a total of 5 songs  that have made the top 10 on the famed Hypem, and garnered them over 5 Million plays on Sound Cloud & Youtube combined. It is no wonder the media is gushing over the saints and have garnered over 500 write-ups in global press, blogs and online publications from Billboard to Earmilk. With a creative mine full of musical gems and a heavy release schedule, it seems as if even the moon is attainable for these Saints.

Dimond Saints

Listen: Dimond Saints – “MidNight”

Up next on October 8th, under the fullness of the moon comes the title song and next single from Hunters Moon.

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