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Listen: Moglii x Novaa – “Tonic Water” (Snocker Cot Remix)

Moglii by Sebastian Lehner

Off the back of the successful debut ‘Naboo’ EP from German musical prodigy Moglii, Majestic Casual Records presents the release of the “Tonic Water” remix from 19 year old LA producer Nick Minutaglio aka Snocker Cot.

Snocker Cot

The remix provides the perfect additions in production to complement what was already a textured, intricate soundscape on the original. Pitched vocals, lush hooks, moody synths and a carefree guitar melody carry the track to create a vibe which serves to “overcome contradictions and catch attention with unexpected sounds and ideas”. The remix adds another level to Moglii’s original and is sure to turn heads and keep listeners coming back for more.

I was very excited to remix this track because I’m a big fan of Moglii and his sound. I love the way his music sounds so organic and natural, and how he blurs the line in between synthetic and acoustic sounds. I wanted to replicate that and pay homage to it in my remix. That’s why I decided to use an acoustic guitar in order to create that natural sound. I’m very pleased with the way the remix turned out! – Snocker Cot

Moglii is the solo project of 24-year-old producer, singer and jazz pianist Simon Ebener-Holscher. The musician, based in Düsseldorf, Germany, spends his time creating unique productions of warm beats, analogue synthesizers and soulful vocal samples. His modern electronic compositions are often supplemented by acoustic instruments and an organic soundscape, with the help of field recordings of coffee machines, shopping bags or cactuses.

The debut EP Down Under from Moglii x Novaa can be found here and features the “Mother” single, which has reached over 3 million streams, and the #2 spot on Spotify’s Global Viral Charts.


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