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October Marks the Release of Deluka’s Debut Album

Back in April, I introduced you guys to UK group Deluka and posted their hit song “Cascade.” Well, after spending a bunch of time in Brooklyn, they’ve written their full-length album that will be digitally released in September (physcially in October) on Vel  Records.

Get The Rapture’s remix of “Cascade” here!

The new material shows the growth Deluka has experienced during their time in Brooklyn. The lush production and the undeniable chorus of “Come Back To Me” prove that this band can write a great pop song.  Gritty songs like “Trespasser” and “Waves” show the band’s mastery of layering of lead singer and guitarist Ellie Innocenti’s rock guitar riffs over the electronic beats of electronics expert Kris Kovacs.  Drummer Stevie Palmer provides the flawless rhythm that has become a trademark of the band’s sound. 

Deluka are also no strangers to the dancefloor.  “Mean Streak” has the energy and the attitude to whip any crowd into a frenzy.  The album closer, which has also become a hallmark closer for their electrifying live shows, is the epic Capital City, an anthemic track that could very well become indie rock’s answer to “Empire State of Mind.”

Click here to have a listen and download their newest single, “Nevada.”

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