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The Vinyl District Record Store Locator APP

With Record Store Day coming upon us, this is the perfect time to check out this app for iPhone and Android phones from The Vinyl District.

Besides having a feed from the website, The Vinyl District, the app features a  geo-location record store finding tool which is also keyword searchable (helpful when planning a trip to a strange city). Have a look & take a quick tour here. The app has stores listed in over 15 countries, mostly in the US & UK, and more are being added everyday. The app also features a calendar for record fairs in the US & UK, and a social aspect as well. Users can check-in to stores, leave comments about them, and also discuss purchases. This has opened up an entire new platform for vinyl & music lovers to communicate and support what matters most to us in real time, all of the time, every day.

Check it out!


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