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Falcon Punch – “Higher”

Falcon Punch

Falcon Punch is delivering his first original work as a collaboration with LA-based duo, Wild & Free. After sitting on the instrumental of the song for 3 years, Falcon Punch teamed up with Wild & Free who delivered the vocal performance he’d been patiently waiting for. The combination leads to an easy to love but hard to forget late summer jam.

The cosmic grooves of Falcon Punch are steeped in no particular musical tradition, but rather in a multi-genre background ranging from soul and funk to house and disco. A lifetime musician, producer and DJ Avery Henderson (Falcon Punch) got his start in the electronic/disco scene producing from his tiny dorm room while living in Amsterdam in 2010. The now Colorado based musician, has crafted his sound into what he calls “Dark Island Funk”, a layered guitar melodies, keys and airy vocals, and has had the fortune of spreading it through a multitude of successful digital and vinyl releases.



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Falqo – “Someday” & “Across The Sea”


Sydney producer Falqo returns this week with his latest disco-cruise “Someday”, which sees him teaming up with LA duo Wild & Free for their vocal and funky guitar work, as well as Sydney multi-instrumentalist Touch Sensitive for his mad bass skills.

“Someday” was inspired by an unpleasant catch-up Falqo had with his ex-girlfriend one day. Nothing much had changed since they last saw each other, and there was still a lot of residual bitterness between them.

The very next day Falqo began writing down a few lines for a new song while thinking about the hasty remarks and annoying idiosyncrasies from their conversations. Shortly after came some chords and a beat that were a lot more light-hearted and playful in nature, but still had some good attitude behind them.

“I sent this new idea over to Wild & Free and told them the story behind it. They then modified the story slightly with some of their own flare, adding in some guitar and extra synths, and shortly after sent back something that I was really quite happy with” – Falqo

“Someday” opens with Wild & Free’s funky guitar licks and smooth summery vocals, as they’re met with Falqo’s infectious disco beats, showering percussion and some incredibly funky bass-lines courtesy of Touch Sensitive.

“We are very fond of the music our pal Falqo releases, so it was great to collab on this toe-tapping disco tune together. Having Touch Sensitive sit in on the bass was the icing on the cake. Hope you dig it as much as we enjoyed making it” – Wild & Free

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