Check ‘Em Out: Raccoon Fighter


Brooklyn trio Raccoon Fighter has announced the release of their debut LP, ZIL, out October 1st via Papercup Music. The band, comprised of three guys from Southern New Jersey, has spent the past two years quietly infiltrating Brooklyn’s music scene with their not-so-quiet brand of bluesy rock ‘n’ roll. For a taste of their infectious sound and a sneak peek at ZIL, you can listen to track “Santa Tereza” below.

Packing a mean punch with the gritty, raw vocal stylings of lead singer Sean Gavigan, the hypnotic basslines of Gabe Wilhelm, and a steady, driving foundation set by Zac Ciancaglini, Raccoon Fighter’s sound is as much razor-sharp as it is in-your-face . All hailing from the same small Jersey town, it wasn’t until close friends Sean and Zac, who had played together in previous bands, met Gabe (who contributed bass parts to Ryan Adams’ Easy Tiger, among other albums) through a mutual friend that everything fell into place. While the three tend to be soft-spoken off stage, their raucous live shows burst with passion and raw energy.


Listen: Raccoon Fighter – “Santa Tereza”

ZIL Tracklist:
Santa Tereza
My Ticket
Street Urchins
Down and Out In a Diamond City
In My Pocket
Wolf At Your Window
Pyramid Scheme to Heaven

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