Listen: Monogem – “Follow You”


Listen: Monogem – “Follow You”

“Jen Hirsh’s indie pop outfit is a groovy blend of funky beats, dreamy melodies, and a stirring, soulful center.”  – NYLON

“Our indie fever spiked when we first heard the second track off of Monogem’s debut EP, The Glow” –

“With a fully blossomed hook and whimsical atmosphere, “Wait and See” is a charming new addition to Monogem’s small catalogue” – Billboard

“…Will renew your love for arm-warmers, high-waisted athletic pants, leotards and fierce-ass moves.” – Paper Mag



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2 responses to “Listen: Monogem – “Follow You”

  1. I LOVE this! It’s funky and soulful, and she has a mesmerizing voice that reminds me of Kelli Scarr on Silvery Ghosts’ new single “Vivid in the Valley.” Check it out!
    Thank you for sharing new music! I look forward to your next pick!

  2. Thank you for commenting, Mary! I checked out “Vivid in the Valley” and I am loving the instrumentals….thanks for turning me on to it! 🙂

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