Dancing with Imaginary People

Frontman Dylan Von Wagner has a voice that wavers between uncertainty and rock ‘n’ roll confidence, and he’s one of the few modern-day vocalists I have a hard time comparing to anyone else.” – USA Today’s Pop Candy

Imaginary People’s lead vocalist, Dylan Von Wagner, has the kind of voice you don’t hear much anymore: there’s a vibrato to it, and an occasional yelp, and a good-natured snarl, all of which might put the listener in mind of Elvis or Jerry Lee Lewis.Interview Magazine

“Sounding like Eddie Veddar and Tiny Tim Harmonizing in a meat cooler, Dylan Von Wagner’s shivering warble grabs you straightaway.”–Rolling Stone

“Von Wagner is a commanding presence, expressive and elegantly bombastic”–Pitchfork

“…as much of a throwback as it is a dance party-starter.”–Nylon

The world we see in Imaginary People’s video for “Miles” is an honest day in New York City, but somehow slightly more fanciful. Perhaps it’s the carefully constructed cinematography, the 80’s boom box perched nostalgically on a shoulder or the radical and unapologetic dancing. As the main character leads us from symmetric backgrounds to a pulsing dance floor, we see how many ways this song can be boogied to.

Imaginary People have created a pure, unadulterated sound, utilizing Dylan Von Wagner’s surprisingly unique vocals, as well as a dance-happy synth and pulsing drums throughout. This track creates a vibe that could easily apply to a sweaty strobe lit dance floor or playing pool in a dimly lit pub. Half blues, half punk, half something completely their own, this video is a perfect match for a sound is as unique as this guy’s dance moves.

With his magnetic presence, it’s difficult to divert your eyes from dancer Menelik Puryear. Von Wagner explains to Pop Candy, “Menelik is dead serious about dancing; he literally danced for seven hours straight and has no problem shaking it in front of anyone.”

Miles is the b-side to the equally as energetic and danceable “Fever Nation,” which premiered earlier this summer.



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