Listen: XPerience – “Evolve Away”

All Your Friends Friends

Listen: XPerience – “Evolve Away”

Olympia-based label K has announced the release of All Your Friend’s Friends, a hip hop compilation produced entirely off of samples pulled from the legendary label’s catalog. Featuring 30 seminal Northwest MCs, along with a host of hidden talent from Olympia, WA, the album will be available digitally & in stores on November 11th. It will be accompanied by a mini-documentary of the same name, available later this month.

Producer Smoke M2D6 deconstructs the classic lo-fi garage soul sound of the iconic label, artfully rearranging it over a thick foundation of classic breaks, 808’s, and heavy bass. For an early taste of the compilation, you can stream & share one of XPerience‘s contributions, “Evolve Away,” via Soundcloud. You can also watch a brand new trailer for the All Your Friend’s Friends documentary — which takes an in-depth look at the conception and making of the album through interviews with a handful of artists, including Seattle legend Macklemore — here. This particular clip features K’s Calvin Johnson discussing the thought process behind the compilation.

All Your Friend’s Friends Track Listing:

1. Cynic Syndrome – Onry Ozzborn, Zikki Carr,
2. Real Life Game – The Chicharones
3. Evolve Away – Xperience
4. Good Bad Girl – Heddie Leone
5. Find Your Shine – Wildcard, Poeina Suddartha,     Ang p, MG! The Visionary
6. Where the Free People Go – AKA
7. Trial By Water – Epryme, Iame
8. Pizza Chef – Free Whiskey
9. 3D Monocle – JFK, Bishop, Gold, Smoke
10. My Shady Gangster Uncle Kaiser –
Xperience, Zikki Carr, Nyqwil
11. Dancefloor on the Warpath – Smoke
12. Nothing Grows in a Flood – Barfly
13. Blackfist Brokenfont – Silent Lambs
Project, Nyqwil
14. Work is the Principle – Ang p, MG!
The Visionary, Afrok, Puget
15. We Never Look Up – Iame, Gold, Miz
16. Simplify Complex – Saints of
Everyday Failures, Alli Baker
17. Ashen Embers – Xperience
18. Jumpkick the Legs – Xperience, Zikki
Carr, Jesus Christ, Candidt, Free Whiskey,
Hash Adams, Swamp Tiger, Miz, Ang p,
Heretic, Shellz Sck, Luvva j
19. Welcome to Forever – Simple, Smoke


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